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Trading cryptocurrencies can be difficult. Your life can be made easier by a crypto exchange development. There are numerous choices, some of which have only recently been available. Making the appropriate choice is crucial. Early adopters acquired coins via mining the initial cryptocurrency in 2009 or by exchanging them on online forums. If you lack the time or the technological know-how, you could prefer something simpler.    
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Zab Technologies
Zab Technologies, an outstanding cryptocurrency exchange software development company in the industry. We have a pool of well-experienced exchange platform developers. We specialize in offering all sorts of bitcoin exchange development services. Also, we could work on any sort of inputs and customized requirements based on clients.    For any enquiries, pls contact us Website : Mail-id : Whatsapp : +91 77085 29089 Telegram :  
Zab Technologies
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company
Antier Solutions is a top-notch cryptocurrency exchange development company that has been providing holistic blockchain-based solutions for a long period. The software we create is highly customized and scalable as they are developed by our experienced blockchain engineers with a high focus on security and connectivity. If you belong to the crypto world or planning to enter it to bring disruption, approach our technical experts to share your idea. Email us:     Contact us: 9855078699
Antier Solutions
ALT Exchanger
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Date:2019-07-01 17:04:07 Trading platform ( Formally launched Trading platform digitalgoodsCurrency trading platform professional encrypted digital currency online trading platform. We hope that through the integration of resources accumulated over the years of globalization and digital currency in line with the trend of globalization, technology-based, to help build a global financial center Internet as the ultimate goal, so that the platform aInternationalDigital assets and digital currency trading platform Industry Standard organization. Platform advantages: 1,The most cutting-edge technology block chain system. We have a complete transaction system and digital encryption,Trading platform Trading platform block chain does not rely on third-party system, for storing network data distributed through its own node, verification and transmission technology, having a block chain to the central storage technology, information is highly transparent, non-tampering security features, and can achieve online and offline financial transactions docking full coverage, block chain technology will subvert the entire Internet infrastructure, and thus have a profound impact on the industry, known as the block chainFourth industrial revolution. 2,Trading platform Trading platform has developed into an encrypted digital currency as the core business of a diversified investment platform, comprehensive digital asset trading platform, serving the worlds leading brand of encrypted digital currency investment transactions. 3,Trading platform Bitcoin trading platform support,Ethernet SquareAnd other transaction encrypted digital currency.Trading platform Trading platformEven block applicationsAs the core, and build membership systemTrading platform Trading Platform walletBrick and mortar businesses and integrate the flow of the whole industry chain finance investment mode.Trading platform Supports two-waytransaction,lowFees,Global arbitraryAccountReal-time arrival.Trading platform Trading PlatformWith a strong block chain system provides transparent transaction, safe, reliable, efficient service revenue doubled. Trading platform It is encryptedDigital CurrencyConsumer businesses, online payment gradually integrate circulation, it is changing the storage, use and payment of funds to build a more secure and efficient encryptionDigital CurrencyThe internet,future,Trading platform We will provide more high-value digital assets services to global investors.
Altcoin Exchanger
Karl Mayer
Crypto Tron Exchange and Shop
Company = CT ONLINE SERVICES (THAILAND) CO., LTD Registration Company number = 0445562000624 Brand name = Crypto Tron Website = All obtaining licenses: 1. Certificate of Corporation 2. Digital Asset Business License 3. Official Licensed Cryptocurrency Broker 4. Official Licensed Cryptocurrency Dealer 5. Official Licensed Cryptocurrency Exchange by the Thai Ministry of Finance 6. Applying for STO CRYPTO TRON EXCHANGE The Tron network's friendly cryptocurrency trading platform Crypto Tron Exchange is a sleek and modern platform that will bring cryptocurrencies and Tron assets to the masses through usability and a well-designed user interface. For every beginner, we are preparing easy to understand trading technology. And for professional traders we are developing advanced tools. Crypto Tron exchange is based in the Kingdom of Thailand with acquired licenses SEC, BOT, and BOI. Trade instantly with FIAT – bank transfers and all major credit cards are supported. Tron assets we will LIST for free. Other coins and assets you can list from 0,1 BTC. CRYPTO TRON SHOP The world's newest cryptocurrency retail center Crypto Tron Shop is a Platform that will bring crypto community online retail service that allows sales business-to-business, business-to-customer, customer-to-customer, affiliate and dropshipping. We prepare a WEB shopping platform for the sale of a wide range of products and services, which facilitates small businesses to sell all over the world with low fee. Payment will be possible with crypto or fiat from your account, crypto wallet or credit cards. Instant exchange, the buyer pays with crypto, the dealer gets a fiat. WHITELIST ON CRYPTO TRON SHOP Commissions on shop are paying only seller. Commission fee is 5%. The annual membership fee ranges from $ 0 to $ 500 and depends on the volume of sales. Paying those fees with CTE token saves buyers 30% compared to using other options at Crypto Tron Shop. The buyer who paying with CTE gets a benefit. CRYPTO TRON MOBILE APP An innovative application that will allow crypto trading and shopping. Global cryptocurrency trading, advanced tools, P2P arbitrage, tracking professional traders Shopping from anywhere, payments with crypto, notices, interesting news, user can earn with app, and much more CRYPTO TRON CTE TOKEN CTE token is designed to offer more favorable fees for Crypto Tron services on exchange and for paying commissions on Crypto Tron shop, as well as for purchasing third party products and services at Crypto Tron shop. Paying trading fees with CTE on exchange is 70% lower than payment in other currencies. Payment of commissions at a shop with CTE is 30% cheaper than payment with other currencies. Shopping with CTE at the Crypto Tron shop will be additionally rewarded. TOKEN DETAIL Token Name: Crypto Tron Token Symbol: CTE Token standard: TRC20 Type: Utility Token supply: 7,000,000 CTE Exchange rate: 1CTE = 500TRX BENEFITS FOR CONTRIBUTORS TO CRYPTO TRON All contributor, who contribute on private sale or pre-sale at lease for: -100 CTE , can trade on our platform for free to the end of 2020 as a customer -500 CTE , can trade on our platform for free to the end of 2020 as a merchant -1000 CTE, can list coin/token on our exchange cheaper and are not subject to the minimum monthly traffic volume requirement on our exchange to the end of 2020 DISTRIBUTION DETAIL Private sale: 2,000,000 CTE all tokens are locked for 24 months, min. contribute = 50,000$ Bonus: up to 50% Pre-Sale: 500,000 CTE + Bonus 20% all tokens are locked for 12 months min. contribute = 500$ Bonus: 20% IEO crowdsale: 3,000,000 CTE all tokens are immediately released min. contribute = 50$ 50x Lucky wallet prize: Bonus 10% Soft cap: $5,000,000 Basic development legal registration with all licenses Hard cap: $30,000,000 Further development Develop of Crypto Tron Shop Develop App for IOS Develop App for ANDROID Marketing Team & Partners: 1,400,000 CTE all tokens are locked for 24 months Available for contribution: 5,600,000 (80%) We will lunch our official Initial Exchange Offering at our platform on unsold tokens we will use for marketing Accepted currencies FIAT: USD, EUR, THB CRYPTO: BTC, TRX, ETH LINKS AND DOCUMENTS PARTICIPATE: LIST YOUR ASSET: BECOME A MERCHANT: WEBSITE: DISCORD : TWITER : INSTAGRAM : FACEBOOK:
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