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The headband prevents sweat from getting into the mask or eyes and protects the head against hits. Compared to simple headbands, the Sandana  Headwraps also has a cloth sewn on, which is pulled over the head to protect it from paint and also protects the neck from behind from very unpleasant hits. Paintball Equipment store in Pittsburgh - USA In addition to the unmistakable look, the HK Army Headwraps also offer the advantage of a towel sewn on the inside compared to other "crazy" paintball headgear. The towel is a small, "towel"-like strip, which catches and absorbs a lot of sweat, which helps prevent the mask from fogging and ensures a clear view even on hot match days. In addition to a definitely unique headwrap on your paintball field, you also have a playful advantage with your crazy HK Army headwrap! All Headbands are 43in length and 2.5in width for that perfect fit. Also included is a comfortable terry cloth sweatband to absorb sweat, provide padding, and help you stay cool while you play. High quality and professionally hand crafted. Empire LTD TT Paintball Elbow pads are the go-to choice of serious tournament players. They feature a large section of padding that starts at the elbow and extends down to the forearm. The top of the pad has a Velcro strap to keep the pad in place. Empire LTD TT elbow pads also feature an integrated half glove that protects the back of your hand and palms. Slide with confidence with these lightweight and comfortable elbow pads from Electronic Paintball Gun.