In this article, FS Technology will explain in detail the types of PCB components and different types of packaging techniques, hoping to help you improve your PCB assembly technology. The following is the content of this article: Classification of printed circuit board components Diode is a very common PCB component. It has four colors: red, yellow, green and blue. According to the brightness, FS Tech divides it into three grades: normal, high and super bright. Light-emitting diodes test the purchasing ability of PCB assembly companies very much. Three kinds of diodes like 0805, 1206 and 1210 are difficult to buy, unless it is a one-stop PCB manufacturing company with PCB component purchasing ability like FS Technology. We generally divide capacitors into two types: non-polar and polar. It is relatively easy to purchase capacitors, especially 0805 and 0603, which are very common non-polar capacitors on the market. Polar capacitors refer to electrolytic capacitors, which are very common in displays such as TVs and computers. It is what we usually call electrolytic capacitors. In our life, the most used aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Since the electrolyte is aluminum, its temperature stability and accuracy are not very high, and the chip components need high temperature stability because they are close to the circuit board. Therefore, the chip capacitors are mostly tantalum capacitors. SMD capacitors can be divided into four series A, B, C and D according to their different withstand voltages. The specific division is as follows: A 3216 10V B 3528 16V C 6032 25V D 7343 35V Resistors: Similar to non-polar capacitors, the most common two are 0805 and 0603. The difference is that they can appear as exclusions, 4 and 8. The specific package style can refer to the MD16 simulation version, or you can check the internal PCB library of the design institute. Note: The four package forms of A\B\C\D are L X S X H The specific dimension of the 1210 is the same as the electrolytic capacitor B type 3528 0805 specific size: 2.0 X 1.25 X 0.5 1206 specific size: 3.0 X 1.5 0X 0.5 Common PCB component package size If you are using high power transistors, FS Technology recommends you to use TO-3, the shape of this transistor is straight, we often use it when doing PCB assembly. Medium power transistors are generally flat, you can use TO-220. Low-power transistors include TO-5, TO-46, TO-92A. If you have special needs and need to use metal casing PCB components, when choosing transistors, you can try TO-66. Component packaging Resistors: RES1, RES2, RES3, RES4; package properties are axial series Nonpolar Capacitors: Capacitance; package properties are RAD-0.1 to rad-0.4 Common component package size Electrolytic capacitors: electroi; package properties are rb.2/.4 to rb.5/1.0 Potentiometer: pot1pot2; package properties are vr-1 to vr-5 Diode: Package property is diode-0.4 (low power) diode-0.7 (high power) LED: RB.1/.2 [H] Triode: Commonly used package attributes are to-18 (ordinary triode) to-22 (high-power triode) to-3 (high-power Darlington tube) There are 78 and 79 series regulator blocks; [h] 78 series such as 7805, 7812, 7820, etc. 79 series has 7905, 7912, 7920, etc. Common package attributes are to126h and to126v[h] Rectifier bridge: BRIDGE1BRIDGE2: Package attribute is D series (D-44, D-37, D-46) Field effect transistor and triode are the same Crystal XTAL1[h] Resistance: AXIAL0.3-AXIAL0.7 where 0.4-0.7 refers to the length of the resistance. Generally use AXIAL0.4 Ceramic capacitors: RAD0.1-RAD0.3. Among them, 0.1-0.3 refers to the size of the capacitor, generally RAD0.1 Electrolytic capacitor: RB.1/.2-RB.4/.8 where .1/.2-.4/.8 refers to the size of the capacitor. Generally 470uF use RB.3/.6 Diode: DIODE0.4-DIODE0.7 where 0.4-0.7 refers to the length of the diode, generally DIODE0.4 is used LED: RB .1/ .2 Button SW-PB Package Properties KEYSB3 Integrated block: DIP8-DIP40 Among them, 8-40 refers to how many pins there are, and pin 8 is DIP8 [h] Chip resistor 0603 indicates that package size is related to resistivity, but package size is related to power
How long should a lor residency letter of recommendation be? The time that you’ll take to write a quality letter of recommendation will depend on the type of letter you receive. Is it a graduate, volunteer, or someone hired directly from a company? The letter of request will always have a deadline for submission that must be quickly and precisely submitted. Therefore, you must follow the recommended writing guidelines to ensure a high-quality letter is sent without any chances of not getting an interview call.  You might be sending your cover letter but later realize that the company did not ask for a letter of recommendation. Why? Because if you never got a great chance of being invited for an interview, then your application was not enough for the recruiter to read through your letter. The last few months have passed and the job scanning software can no longer identify a resume or a cover letter if your document is disorganized.  Well, you must try and remember that the document has a unique system that sells you by presenting your skills and abilitiesheet rather than by informing the recruitment department directly. If the software can’t differentiate the old and new application, then it is better to send an obsolete document. But what if we tell you that they only want one or two pieces which will work for them? Of course, if this is the case, you have to rewrite the paper and make it again.  How Long Should a Letter of Recommendation Be? If you are applying for a job, chances are you will have several letters of recommendation. Hence you must understand how long each person gets to work for them. If you have five years, then probably you want to apply for a position that requires quite a bit of experience. However, what if the company hires a few people and does not allow long ones to work for them? Such a case makes it hard for you to establish why you need to apply for a specific position and improve your career journey. So, in this article, we shall look at the guidelines to be followed when sending a letter of recommendation to the new employer.  Effective Even though the letter of recommendation is essential, you must get positive feedback from the prospective employer. This goes a long way in determining whether the person will consider you for the vacant position. If the company is going to shortlist you based on your previous experiences, you might not be the right candidate. </p> Describe This is the main section of the letter.  The content has to describe the gap in the company’s job market and how your skills can help them. Briefly explain the reasons why you are the best fit for the vacancy.