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Publish Date: May 12, 2019


The eGift Cryptocurrency 

(White Paper)


Welcome to the official bitFlowers website - the world's first native P2P crypto eGift exchanger. bitFlowers is a community developed digital currency project.


Utilizing the blockchain, the bitFlowers platform empowers its users to harness the benefits of a permissionless system, whereby they can send value, digital flowers and other eGifts anywhere in the world without the usual restrictions of a centralized system.


If you’d like to know more about the project, please find us on our social media channels. Alternatively, you are welcome to email us at:


Meet the Team



Project Manager


Market Specialist


Lead Researcher





Coin Distribution


Crypto-city inherited the former Ciredo project and rebranded it. Thus, the distribution model here is not in relation to a premine, but in regards to coin that Crypto-city has managed to accumulate. Having now completed the rebrand, Crypto-city has an outline for how those coins will be distributed in order to support the team, the community, and the future success of bitFlowers.




Coin Emission Schedule


Phase 1 roll out of wallet v1.0 will include an updated PoS ROI. Altering the current 2.5% to an initial 120%, which will gradually decrease over a 7-year term.







Launch Details




Coin Launch Details


The inception of Ciredo is not entirely known or understood. From the little that is, it’s a project that was initialized sometime during November, 2018, and then became realized at the beginning of 2019. A brief was submitted to the Nerdlabs team to create an entirely new coin, a custom explorer, and to install a rapid deflation mechanism. Why? We don’t know. Who created it? We don’t know that either; “some Spanish dudes” is the frequently used explanation.


However, during the summer of 2019 the former Ciredo team decided to terminate their management responsibilities of the project and offered to hand over all the constituents to the Crypto-city team. At this point, the Crypto-city team initiated an R+D program internally to determine a new direction for the Ciredo software and to establish a new brand and identity. Twelve months later, the idea of sending eGifts on chain came to fruition and Crypto-city core team members have been working diligently to erect the project and fully rebrand the entirety of the former project.


And here we are! We sincerely hope that you enjoy the project and welcome you all to come and participate.


Staking bitFlowers


Follow these steps to begin staking bitFlowers:

  1.  Download and install the official bitFlowers wallet for your OS.
  2.  Acquire bitFlowers coin through one of the exchanges / through one of the earn venues.
  3. Send bitFlowers to the wallet via the QR code or receiving address displayed in the wallet to deposit.
  4. The coins will automatically begin to stake after 24 hours when they land in the wallet.
  5. The coins blocks will begin to auto split in order to achieve maximum efficiency depending on difficulty. If you’d like to learn more or have any additional questions, please contact us. Either on one of our social media channels or email directly at:


Earning bitFlowers


Earning bitFlowers


  • The Crypto-city team will regularly conduct Twitter giveaways, so please follow us to stay informed. Also, the Discord and Telegram servers will have a giveaway bot that will randomly giveaway coins through various mechanisms. Additionally, the Discord server will have roles that you can subscribe to and receive daily coins.


Earning with Friends


  • Do you have friends on Discord? Excellent! Through our “Earning with Friends” program, you’ll be able to invite your buddies and earn. The more friends you invite, the more you can earn!




  • Once Phase 1 has been rolled out, the Crypto-city team will issue bounties that will enable participants to earn coins through the completion of tasks.