Publish Date: August 7, 2018
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HyperStake (HYP) – is an advanced blockchain platform that allows 3rd party developers to develop applications atop of the Hyperstake blockchain..Hyperstake also provides generous POS rewards to users for securing the blockchain without the need for complicated mining equipment. FreiExchange

bitFlowers (PETAL)   Originally conceived by a group of crypto enthusiasts in December 2018 and was later acquired by in May of 2019.

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Paycon (CON) – is a POS meme crypto currency  that takes fun to the max. FreiExchange

Grandcoin (GDC– is a Scrypt POW descendant of Litecoin and soon to be a POS coin in the near future. FreiExchange

RateCoin (XRA) – uses Proof of Stake (POS) to secure its blockchain and is designed with long term sustainability as its primary focus. Stake rewards are generous enough to encourage holding and minting of the currency, but low enough that inflation is minimized.