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What exactly is bitcoin or crypto?

So, you have heard about bitcoin, but have no idea what it is. In short, bitcoin is one of the most popular crypto currencies out of the many thousands of crypto currencies out there and you'll see why this is the most important technological development in the history of mankind.

In order to truly appreciate what crypto means and how it can impact our personal and daily lives we've put together the following recommended watch list. By the time you have finished the watch list, you will never look at  money and the world in the same way again.

When you've finished, you'll have a comprehenisive understanding of crypto and be on the proper track into your crypto future. The better your understanding of crypto, the less likely you are to become a victim of would be scammers. Most importantly, it will allow you to appreciate life and the world around us that much more.

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  1. Understanding The Money System
  2. Short Overview Of What Crypto Currency Is
  3. A Powerful 1 Hour Documentary About Crypto Currency
  4. An Introduction To The Bitcoin Cryptocurrency
  5. Understanding How The Banking Cartels Work
  6. Understanding The Difference Between Blockchain And Bullshit
  7. Let's Reflect On What We've Learned
  8. I've Learned About Crypto. How Do I Get Bitcoin?