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Shreditz (XSTZ)
Shreditz(XSTZ) is more  than just a Token, it is a Brand. We promote & award healthy, active lifestyles. We have caught the attention of people involved in the action sports industry already. Shreditz has begun it's journey to introduce millions of new people to Bitcoin, the Waves Platform, and Shreditz and now Crypto-City! Our roots are in watersports. By this I mean Wakeboarding, Wakeskating, and Wakesurfing. I know this industry and all the different brands, companys, and have several friends and contacts in the industry, that always helps!  We have started with Wakeboarding as Phase 1. Shreditz are rewarded based on "proof of progression" or POP for short, on your board of choice. Simply post a video of you wakeboarding, wakeskating, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding or kitesurfing, performing some sort of known trick or maneuver. After you are established on the Shreditz page here on Crypto-City, you will be able to post progression videos for continued Shreditz reward tokens. We believe progression is important and everyone should be rewarded for it! Shreditz will be distributed not just to athletes, but to all participants who help increase the currency’s adoption, utility, or value. Share and like/follow our page here at Crypto City. Now do the same on Facebook and Twitter as well. Lastly, take a picture of yourself throwing a shaka sign and post it here on this site with your Waves wallet address.You can get a wallet here:   We will have our SHREDITZ AIRDROP for Crypto-City on June 30th, 2017.  Website :  
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Making the impossible completely possible!
Lets do this! I started in crypto about a year ago and most of what I see is negative. This page is about how crypto is the only way to go if we want a real change, or at less blockhain technologie. It works, so let get the word out there and make this work.
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The Crypto Chat
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The Crypto Chat is a Cryptocurrency Community aimed at helping those involved in cryptocurrencies, whether new or experienced users. we are building the tools and facilities to aid those with information and instant help from the community for any issues or questions, from wallets to trading to beyond. We have daily sports tips from our in-house Sports betster VFAtrader, daily tips and at time of post approx 82% hit rate on his tips for Fiat or Crypto betting We have a price checker for checking prices across all the exchanges Games: DNET amd TEK Dice & BlackJack And lots more coming soon, still in development at this time
Crypto Cypher
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