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J & M Fine Jewelry
J & M Fine Jewelry   J & M Fine Jewelry is a self-owned small business.  The creative forces behind it are John and Mel, hence J & M.  We fabricate fine jewelry by hand from the most beautiful gemstones, amber, and pearls set in silver and gold.  We maintain a stock of pieces for shoppers on the go, but we also do custom pieces.  Our custom pieces are designed to be unique pieces that pop when you enter a room.  The process of design involves the client to their level of desired input into the project.  We have worked with clients who have asked simply for a piece to be made out of garnets and others who have been involved in each and every step of the design process.     Shipping and handling prices depend on where the piece(s) are going and what means of delivery are desired.  By default, I will use the USPS first class package whenever possible.