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ANN _  SolarBankersCoin  SolarBankersCoin is digital asset based on decentralized currency token backed by Waves Blockchain.SolarBankersCoin can trade or exchange in Bitcoin and Waves. SolarBankersCoin can be integrate in e-commerce platform to connecting online shopping and e-trade with p2p transactions.  Asset Name : SolarBankersCoin Ticker     : SolarBankersCoin Decimals   : 8 Algorithm  : Waves Type of    : PoS category   : Decentralize Currency Total Tokens : 9,999,999,999 SolarBankersCoin Circulation : 9,999,999,999 SolarBankersCoin   Asset ID : FJRfNcfqUZ7DqYDMHqc6ztMyqoGJpgbL67YrFx88egUw   Logo : SolarBankersCoin bringingi Crypto to Solar / Crypto to Solar embracing the brite side of light embracing all members/ community With main focus and goal - Were Everyone can Profit - Is our Motto Investing and Captilizing on Crypto To Solar Technology.  
Phillip Laird
Rosetta Alison