by on February 14, 2021

The Crypto-city team is thrilled to officially announce the completion of the Ciredo rebrand and the release of the bitFlowers wallet. If you are still running the Ciredo wallet, please update it ASAP.

The imminent soft fork will take effect on block 403800 where the POS rates will be enhanced. For rate details visit:

Be sure to REGISTER on Crypto-city and "LIKE" the bitFlowers page if you haven't already.


What to Expect

The Ciredo (CIR) name on the exchanges will be updated to reflect the new name and ticker symbol.

  • Name: bitFlowers
  • Ticker Symbol: PETAL

Update Instructions

  1. Download the wallet:
    • Note: If you can't get connection, use the blockchain Snapshot at bottom of wallet page.
  2. Extract and run the wallet and let it fully sync and then shut the wallet down (File > Exit)
  3. Copy your "wallet.dat" file from the Ciredo wallet data directory and place it into the the "bitFlowers" data directory.
    • Windows: %APPDATA%\bitFlowers
    • Windows...or: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\ bitFlowers
    • Mac  ~/Library/Application Support/bitFlowers
    • Mac: if not found type in: ~/.bitFlowers
    • Linux:  ~/.bitFlowers
  4. Fire up the bitFlowers wallet.
  5. Be sure to backup your "wallet.dat" and put it in a safe place. This file contains your private key.


Check out the release video.


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