on February 14, 2021 51 views and the bitFlowers team invite you to download the official release of the new bitFlowers wallet. The first wallet release is for Windows 64-bit. Wallet releases for both Linux and MacOS are being developed, and will be available shortly.

To download the wallet, simply click the link below:

Unzip, and then run the bitFlowers-qt.exe program.

If you have an existing Ciredo wallet, please make sure to copy and paste the wallet.dat file into the new bitFlowers folder, found:


If you require some assistance during this process, please hop onto our discord channel and request help / open a ticket. We're trying to make this process simple for everyone and will be developing some guides for those who are unsure:

This is just just the beginning, so please come and join us on this new adventure! If you're new to bitFlowers and would like to know more, there's plenty of information over on the official bitFlowers' page:

- The bitFlowers team @

For general inquiries, feel free to email @

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