Nikko Ray Cotelo
by on November 30, 2016
Hand signals are very important when driving. This will be your way of communication from other riders and can add safety to others. There are lots of hand signals use but there are also basic hand signal that a rider should know. I will teach you some of the basic signals that you should know before riding. I hope that it will help you when riding specially with others.
There are two turn you usually use when driving, the left and right turn. To signal a left turn while driving, place you left hand horizontally parallel to your shoulder pointing to left and palm facing down. When signaling for a right turn, put your left arm out, bent it at 90' and your fist are clinched.
You should know when to speed up and slow down when you are driving. How you would know if others want you to slow down or how you will tell others to speed up? To slow down, your left arm extended straight out with palm facing down and swing your arm down to your side. In speeding up, your arm is also extended straight out while palm is facing up and wing it upward at your side. When you need to stop, bent your arm 90' downward and palm is facing back.
To prevent accidents you should be aware of hazards in the roadways like uneven pavements. To tell other riders that there is a hazard in the road place your feet pointing on the way of the hazards. It will depends on what foot you will use depending where the hazard is.
When you see a hand pointing upward with fingers pointed, the rider inform you on what file is to be done. One finger for a single file and two fingers for double file.
If there are cops or checkpoints ahead in your way, you can signal your co riders by tapping in the top helmet with your palm open.
Share to others how did you know this hand signal like what I did to also give knowledge to other riders for additional safety when driving. Hope that you find it helpful.
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