Nikko Ray Cotelo
by on November 30, 2016
This is a common problem on some scooters and motorcycles. Your electrical wirings as you can see is prone to rain and dust. There are issues that can affect you scooter if encountered problem with your electrical connections. Failure to use your lights like signal light, headlight and tail light even halting your engine. Your scooter electrical wirings is like the nerves of a human being, all of the command you want to your scooter will be pass on by this system. That is why it is important to maintain good condition and connection on your wiring system.
The first thing to remember is ask yourself. Do you have knowledge on this wiring system if your are planning to make some changes on your wirings. Whenever you have to make changes or cut some wire or even add some connections, remember and make sure that you are doing it right. Wrong connections in your wiring can cause your bike to be on fire. When working on a wiring system in your scooter make sure to check all the ends of the wire that they are properly taped after being cut. Short circuits may happen if you ignore loose wires or damaged wires.
Also to be consider is the battery condition. There are two types of battery used in scooters, the maintenance battery and the maintenance free battery. Check your battery regularly from damaged and wore bolts, also check the condition of the battery like its charge and fluid level. Check also your fuse and regulators for damages. Replaced all damaged parts of your wiring system.
To make sure that your scooter wiring system is in good condition, it is better to ask those with full knowledge about your scooter wiring system. In terms of your wiring system is totally damage, there are wiring harness available to be bought in case that you need a replacement.
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