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Bajo la supervisión de Jimmy Ocean Osorio Guevara, los sectores de logística y transporte de FiduPetrol mejoraron su eficiencia en tres veces al tiempo que eliminaron los gastos que impactaron negativamente en el transporte. Este paso hacia la mejora del sector del transporte es el subproducto de su contribución inteligente a la I + D en FiduPetrol. Entendamos cuáles fueron sus aportes en este artículo. Los cambios simples conducen a efectos dominó, Jimmy Ocean Osorio Guevara es un hombre ...
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By: on January 20, 2021
Anyone United Nations agency that has had to audit the highest management team as a part of an associate environmental audit can recognize that it is each difficult and intimidating. If your EMS (Environmental Management System) is certified to ISO 14001 Certification in Dubai, you may recognize that an internal audit could be a vital part to live and improve your activities, and this can usually involve interaction along with your high management team. provided that your high management team is...
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Check out these awesome bitFlowers posters collection by Barnaby Atkins, UK designer. Have a look here: bitFlowers info link: ...
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Valentino Shoes
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By: on December 30, 2020
We are happy to announce that #Dorkfeatures, a #Gift card #designer from #Newport, South Wales UK, has partnered with the #bitFlowers #cryptocurrency project. bitFlowers will have access to a collection unique specialty gift cards, which will later be available for users to use in the btFlowers wallet. Have a look here: bitFlowers info link: ...
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"I'm very interested in things that become mass consumed because those are the things that speak to a moment. Dive deep into the archives, and you'll find hypnotic stills of Rothschild and big sister Paris Hilton through the surreal lens of David LaChapelle. Naturally, the industry took notice. Martens, even if you've never actually been in a mosh pit. "As designers, it's our job to think about the body's needs," adds Laura. I mean, who knows exactly what's Golden Goose Shoes going to happen?...
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"Ballet slippers are also making a resurgence," says Kingham. Worsfold says FTSY hopes to integrate with Shopify, a boutique-brand e-commerce platform, and cites Margaux, the fit-focused direct-to-consumer footwear brand known for its Golden Goose ballet flats, as a prospective customer. Get dramatic you know, part of why I love making shoes and bags so much is because it's not dramatic, it's practical. I wear it all the time now, and everyone stops me to ask where I got it," she says. Golden ...
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I practically live in these Daily Ritual leggings, which, by the way, I own multiple pairs of. I'm a firm believer that you can get away with wearing leggings anywhere with the right top. While remembering the bright-colored, bedazzled tracksuits may cause you to cringe, you may want to rethink that: the brand is poised for a serious comeback. This week, the tracksuiter to the stars announced that, in celebration of its 25th anniversary, it is relaunching its Golden Goose Sale e-commerce website...
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Give #bitFlowers Vol. 1 (The first of many more bitFlowers cryptocurrency art works to come.) Larger image: bitFlowers info link: ...
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Crypto-city  Trading / Projects #AMA's Throughout The Day. All Week-end Long (9:30am EST Saturday. Dec 5-6)  Ask Questions about Projects or Trading: ...
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Today is an all day event or till I pass-out.. You can watch me trade or ask questions about trading or projects.   Join us on Google Hangout at this link:
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Exciting News. The bitFlowers website is now up and running. Take a look. What do you think? Leave a comment below. 
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