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by on November 30, 2016
What is a backfire?
Backfire is the combustion or ignition produced by running engine that happens in the exhaust system rather than inside the engine. It can produce loud sounds or flames in the end of the pipe when the unburned fuel is ignited outside the combustion chamber.
What are the reasons why engine backfire?
There are several reasons why this backfire occurs on your scooter engine. This reasons differ on what causes this backfire like when shutting the engine, carburetor tuning, fuel components or even when the installation of the muffler is inappropriate.
The most typically reason why engine backfire is when the engine is rapidly decelerated. This deceleration in the engine can cause backfire in the way that the remaining fuel in the exhaust system is ignited by the hot muffler. This also occurs when you shut your engine while at high RPM. Your fuel components may include a higher blend of alcohol that is very fast to ignite causing your fuel to be ignited even if it just touches a hot surface. Carburetor tuning is inappropriate that causes the fuel and air mixture to overflow the chamber resulting backfire in the muffler. The muffler installation may also cause this problem in your engine when the muffler is not mounted properly. The last reason is the engine timing. Example is when the spark plug fires at the wrong time, resulting to ignite the fuel and air mixture while the exhaust valve is not yet close.
To resolve this problems, you may work on some tips and guidelines that can help you fix your scooter engine backfire. You can practice to idle your engine down at the proper speed to allow your engine to cool some before shutting the engine. Fix the tuning of the carburetor and make sure that the right tune is acquired. You can ask for experts to tune your carburetor in its best. Fix the timing of your engine from valves to spark plug to make sure that all process are done in the same time. You can also change your fuel choice to non-alcohol fuel to lessen the possibility of backfire in the engine. Check the muffler if its mounted in the way that it fits the exhaust port and do not let any air to pass through.
Engine backfire is not bad and will not harm your scooter engine but still should be fix for efficient, convenient and relaxing travel along the way. It is not good to hear your engine backfire while driving. The best way is to set your engine at its very best to ensure best performance for your scooter.
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