Nikko Ray Cotelo
by on November 30, 2016
Different and new kinds of technology is now being known all over the world. From gadgets and other things that have new features nowadays really give great history. So the question is our scooter do have new technology?
Right now at this time, I'm working in gathering information and data on what are the new technologies of our scooter now from present up to future plans. I heard that there are some new technology already for our scooters like the one that can be driven by using an android phone. I am still gathering data about this scooter and when I finish it, I will let you know on how this technology works.
The world now becomes more advance than usual that it affects all others things and machines we usually use. We, Scooter lovers don't like that we are the last to have this technologies. So we will search for the newest technology for scooter. Hope to surprised you in these topic.
Posted in: Technology
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