Sunny Mattoo
by on August 15, 2017

Hello Friends, 

Everybody new to this Crypto World has a question how does this crypto World and blockchain works.

This Crypto World works on the Blocksize of the Blockchain of the Crypto Currency and Assest based on Crypto world.

Earlier we have Victamised a major down fall in the Bitocin rates right from 2956 USD per BTC on 11th June to 1896 USD on 16th July.

Therfore, After fork the rates regained its skyrocketed momentum in this crypto world as till now 15th of Aug  after fork the rates has been skyrocketed @ 4447 USD.

So how does blockchain works. It works on the demography of its enscription of Alogrithem value which rely on the Block size.

Now as the Bitcoin rate has been skyrocketed we have to understand what has happened in last fork as the block size was half of its ratio or less as per toadys block size i.e. 2 MB now the transaction is also taking long get transferred from one BTC address to another.

Its time to be alert as the Big Whales are also playing major role in this. So wait for another downfall in terms of investment in BTC.

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