Nikko Ray Cotelo
by on November 30, 2016
Did you experience that while you are travelling and suddenly your motorcycle choke up like your running out of fuel? Sometimes it will come that you will experience this activity. There are two reasons on why it happens. First is that you really run out of fuel or second is that your carburetor malfunctions. As you notice, the carburetor is just a small part of the motorcycle but one of the most important system in your motorcycle. Commonly this part is the one with highest number of malfunctions that can happen. Experiencing poor performance in road is one of the problems cause by carburetor malfunctions.
Common reason of carburetor malfunction is when your carburetor is dirty or when the passages of air and fuel are clogged. This are the main factors that really affects the performance of your carburetor. It is normal that your carburetor becomes dirty but it is abnormal that you will not maintain your carburetor condition. In a motorcycle it is not only the engine that is to be maintain but also your fuel system. Common problems that happens are because of carburetor malfunction. That is why it is recommended that you also set time for the carburetor cleaning, tuning and checking.
Check for all possible problems like worn out parts or damaged parts to prevent the problem from going serious. Carburetor have lots of parts to be check but not all are easy to be damaged. Common parts that are easy to be damage are the jets, float bowl or valve, piston assembly, choke or enrichener system and fuel and air passage. You can replace them if you notice any abnormal condition on this parts. It is better that you spend some money for the benefits that you won'n be bother by any of this problem someday.
Preserve the fuel system like you preserve your motorcycle engine. It is the heart of your motorcycle. Just always remember that you should always maintain good condition and performance on your carburetor. Clean, clear and correct all malfunctioning parts.
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