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Meet the HyperStake Team

Why HyperStake?

HyperStake’s team is based out of the United States in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our team works in one singular location rather than remotely as most blockchain teams do. Working together in one location allows HyperStake’s team to cohesively create features, updates, and developments to best suit our community of Hypsters.

Meet the Team behind HyperStake:

Nickname: presstab
Job Title: Lead Developer
Experience: Tom has been an active freelance developer for the cryptocurrency community since early 2014. Going by the nickname of “presstab”, Tom launched HyperStake in 2014 with late co-founder David Latapie. Areas of expertise include Proof of Stake, Proof of Work, Governance, Self Funding Budgets, Hard Forks and more.
Working On: HyperChain
Fun Fact: Tom works hard so that his cat can have a better life.

Job Title: Blockchain Strategist
Experience: Prev @ US State Department, Reckitt Benckiser, As an experienced web developer in a successful edtech startup, and a solid foundation in math, numerical analysis, and programming logic from his degree in mechanical engineering, plus five years of work experience in Asia, Ben brings an international perspective into how HyperStake’s blockchain technology will impact consumer and enterprise systems on a global scale.
Working On: HyperStake Whitepaper and HyperStake Website
Fun Fact: Ben speaks English, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, and Mandarin.

Nickname: rejectedpromise
Job Title: Software Developer
Experience: After getting his Bachelor in Computer Science, James was hired as a professional full stack software developer for a multi-million dollar software company which has been creating pharmaceutical software for 20+ years. James has contributed custom implementations of encryption/decryption methods as well as implemented multisignature addresses which were previously only available through raw transactions.

Working On: Implementation of multithreaded wrapper objects of primitive types, as well as interactions with blockchains of other currencies.
Fun Fact: James prefers working with C/C++ because it gives full control to the developer, rather than languages like Java/C#/typescript, which heavily restrict developer’s abilities to work with primitive types and Operating Systems directly.

Nickname: blondfrogs
Job Title: Blockchain Developer
Experience: Jeremy has been working on cryptocurrency blockchain development since early 2017. Jeremy worked in Software Development Testing and Automation but recently joined the HyperStake team.
Areas of expertise include Hard Forks, iOS development, and QA Testing.
Working On: HyperChain
Fun Fact: Jeremy is learning to play the guitar. He is pretty bad though.

Nickname: tuningmind
Job Title: Software Developer
Experience: Carrie has been a software developer for the past 3 years and has been working with HyperStake for the past 5 months. Carrie is involved with Salt Lake PyLadies, has had a front-end internship at OC Tanner, and has run an informal internship program. Carrie has gotten to use the programming languages Python, JavaScript, React, and Java. She is now enjoying diving into blockchain and C++.
Working On: Voting System
Fun Fact: Carrie’s son taught her how to code.

Job Title: Marketing and Administrative Assistant
Experience: Rachel has been an administrative assistant for the past 3 years and started with the HyperStake team for the past 2 months. She enjoys working with small local businesses. 
Working On: Weekly newsletters and HyperStake gear.
Fun Fact: Everyone in Rachel’s family works in computer science. Now she does marketing and admin for people who work in computer science…

Job Title: Marketing Assistant and Social Media Consultant
Experience: Mariah has helped numerous small businesses with branding and social media content.
Working On: Expanding HyperStake on social media and brand development.
Fun Fact: Mariah brews her own beer.

Nickname: hort
Job Title: Support
Experience: Marc has been an active member of cryptocurrency since mid-2014. Marc is well versed in wallet function, block splitting, and overall general help in most Hyperstake areas.
Working On: Making Hyperstake extremely consumer friendly.
Fun Fact: Marc has been to every state in the USA except Alaska

Reach out to Marc on our Discord channel with any questions and difficulties!

Hyperstake’s Commitment to You

HyperStake’s team is committed to providing generous rewards for its users. Our team is growing and developing to ensure that HyperStakers earn the most benefits possible.

Join the community of Hypsters and invest in HyperStake now. Available on Cryptopia, Bitcoin Thailand, and CoinExchange. For more information, email us or join our Discord channel.

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