Nikko Ray Cotelo
by on November 30, 2016
Hi everyone, to all Mio sporty lover out there. A new edition of our beloved Yamaha Mio Sporty model has been release early this year of 2016. A new specification of body color and emblem has been added. They released a special matte edition of orange and black this year. The color blend of the body really gives the Sporty a great impact in the scooter world. For those who really loves matte colors there will be no more problem for you, you don't have to ask for a paint job anymore to acquire your matte color desire.
In addition to the new model of Mio Sporty, they remove some of the stickers and replace it by a metallic emblem that also adds an impact to its new design. Still other specifications of this model is the same as the old model. This is only a limited edition of Mio Sporty so why don't you get yourself now.
Posted in: Technology
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