by on December 11, 2018

There are 3 things we need in order to be able to build any real momentum. This applies to all coins in general.


  1.  Mobile wallet
  2. On Web / Off Web Point Of Sale App that are easily downloaded and installed by anyone, especially merchants or individuals. That can run a computer, tablet or phone and allow them to create menus of goods or services and ways to receive payment.
  3. Core wallet (we already have this).


1 / 2 are the most important, as it will easily allow face to face transactions in addition to p2p. This will also make it very easy for any one (or any agents) to push for real usage such as merchants or anyone that want to do business or transactions. Unless we have 1-2, crypto is not not going anywhere as far as real practical usage. If there are devs out there willing to roll up their sleeves, the above is what's needed to build true momentum and keep it going.

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