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This blog was originally written on May 2, 2015
$5 Phone Service & Free Wireless Internet for Life
by Chantha Lueung
A few years ago I got my first smart phone with Verizon, but what I hated was the binding contract and bloated prices. Especially if I hardly ever use the phone. In total I was paying almost $100 per month for 500 minutes, text and data for something I hardly ever use. I was just throwing money away which could be better utilized elsewhere.
A year later I stumbled onto a beta announcement of a company called Republic Wireless and after some research I decided to sign-up for their beta program and cancelled my Verizon Wireless services. Republic Wireless only had one phone at the time, a basic Motorola Defy XT smartphone. The Defy XT worked well for what I needed.
The phone works by making calls over Wi-Fi whenever possible, but uses the Sprint network when Wi-Fi is not available. The call quality was good. For $20 per month I had everything I needed. Unlimited voice, text and internet and no stupid contract to deal with.
It’s now 2014 and Republic wireless has come a long way in a short period of time. Looking back, the decision to cancel the Verizon Wireless service was one of the best decisions ever and was a pivotal point that lead me on a life journey to see what else is possible to reduce everything unnecessary & wasteful.
As of this writing, Republic Wireless offers two phones, the flagship Moto X for $299 and the Moto G for $179. There is also a build your own Moto X option starting at $349.
The plans are the most flexible you’ll find anywhere when compared with the mainstream telco’s.
• $40. The plan tops out at $40 per month which includes 4G, unlimited talk, text & data. (Moto G does not have this option)
• $25. If you don’t care for 4G or if 4G is not available in your area, you can opt for a $25 plan which gives you 3G with unlimited talk, text and data.
• $10. If you don’t need data, you can get their $10 plan that offers unlimited talk and text.
• $5. If you don’t need cell service or don't plan on being out on the road you can pay as low as $5 per month for unlimited talk and text over Wi-Fi.
• All emergency calls will work regardless of the plans
The really nice thing about Republic Wireless is that you can switch between plans directly from your phone twice a month. This is a convenient feature lets you change your plan as needed. For example, say you have the $5 plan because you want to save a lot of money and you hardly ever travel. If you decide to go on the road, all you have to do is simply switch plans on your phone to the either the $10, $25 or $40 plan.
OK. The $5.00 per month plan is awesome for a wireless phone service over Wi-Fi, but what if you still want to save money and still stay on the $5.00 plan while on road?
Now here is the fun part. This hack will let you save tons of money by letting you stay on the $5 plan as well as letting you talk, text and surf the internet while on the road.
For this hack to work you would need constant access to Wi-Fi. Since the Republic Wireless phones natively use Wi-Fi to make and receive calls, if you are able to get Wi-Fi at all times you’ll have phone that can make and receive calls as well as internet access for $5 per month. GPS works as well.
How do you get Wi-Fi while being on the road? You can use what is called a mobile Wi-Fi.
Generally, mobile Wi-Fi devices require a contract and monthly fee. However, I’ll show you how you can get the service for absolutely free for life! The only catch is you have to pay for the device and then you get 500 MB of free data every month. As long as you are not streaming videos like crazy this is enough data to keep your phone on the road for the entire month. If you are anything like me, I am either at home or at the office. So, most of the time I am using the home or office Wi-Fi and only use the mobile Wi-Fi with the phone when I’m actually on the road so 500 MB of data is more than plenty.
*NOTE: If you are outside if the U.S. any mobile Wi-Fi device will work. So as long as you have access to Wi-Fi it doesn't matter if you are in Middle Earth, in a cave or under the sea you can still make call where regular cell phones cannot.
In closing, you could save hundreds if not thousands by using the method described. So now that you know how the whole thing works, please use the referral links below to sign up for the services. Even if you don't use the above method you can still save tons of money just using the regular Republic Wireless service plans.
Signup with Freedom Pop and purchase one of their mobile Wi-Fi devices.
Signup with Republic Wireless:
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