by on June 12, 2022

As of 6/3/2022 all access permissions to the Crpto-city github repositiry have been revoke for the user iCryptony (anthonyrjwood). Measures have been taken to mitigate any current and future potential damages to the Crypto-city web properties and projects.

Due to the current disruptions, we are using this as an opportunity to consolidate and simplify the management and support of both the Element (HYP) and bitFlowers (PETAL) projects under one umbrella. In order to do this, the current Element (HYP) Discord will be converted to a general Crypto-city Discord that will have support channels of both HYP and PETAL.

As for the current holders of PETAL, be sure to only download from the website or from the Crypto-city github repository. Other wallet repos will not be supported and may run the risk of losing your coins should the chain fork. Crypto-city and the exchanges will not support the forked chain.

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