by on September 5, 2016
Making the headlines, the banks are wanting to hire bitcoin specialists. Of course they do, because they've come to realize that are becoming less relevant. Soon enough you'll no longer need banks.
Thanks to the Blockchain, the future world of tomorrow's money is already here today. The blockchain technology is simply an electronic ledger that is publicly available for anyone to use and look at. This blockchain is distributed to everyone that runs a bitcoin wallet forming what is called the bitcoin network. The network of wallets and miners help to secure the network and confirms transactions to verify that transactions are indeed legit. There are thousands of other alternative crypto currencies known as Alt-coins, but bitcoin is the most popular because it was the first.
With the advent of the Blockchain, every individual in the world essentially becomes their own bank. As a result, banks are no longer necessary for individuals to do person to person transactions..
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winna chad
looking forward in doing business with you
November 10, 2016
Daffany Neon
Lol stupid banks.
November 22, 2016