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Integration to the Future!


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About the Project


PostCoin is a crypto currency that combines a payment service and an investment company.
Our main goal is to maximize the coin's infrastructure and simplify payment operations. PostCoin Business wallet contains online stores integration functionality, supports instant transactions, PostCoin codes. Cellular communication payments, QIWI, Yandex Money and WebMoney wallet recharges are active at the moment, online stores connection functionality is under testing.
New technologies are widely used in PostCoin development.
PostCoin developers are interested in keeping coins on wallets providing the network stability, so all long-term PostCoin holders are able to make profit from the pool of developers. To receive these payments you need to register on the PostCoin website and get the rank.




1. Online PostCoin wallet
2. Developers Pool payments
3. Technical specifications
4. Exchanges

1. Online PostCoin wallet

Online PostCoin wallet is used to simplify calculations (with no need to install a local client).
The service has advanced opportunities for business dealing with a minimum of costs and fees. System fee is 0.10 PostCoin

Online wallet features (business version):
1. Getting the address and balance recharge
2. Sending PostCoins to another address
3. POST codes (you can create unique POST codes of a fixed amount and transfer them to other Internet users.) When you create or activate the POST code, the fee is not charged.)
4. Application for stores. Within the online wallet an API is created for automated goods and services payments in PostCoins with minimal costs.
5. Application for users who do not have online stores. We created the generator of payment buttons using which you can accept payments by placing it at any html-page without the knowledge of php, html.
6. Mix-function - when withdrawing funds from the online wallet, sending is processed from random addresses (the more people use online wallet, the stronger the mix)
7. Transactions between online wallets are carried out bypassing the block chain, instantly and without waiting for confirmation (in your transactions list will be marked as hidden)
8. Mobile version - we additionally developed the mobile version of the online PostCoin wallet, that is made for managing calculations and their convenient processing using any mobile device (under testing)
9. Interface - is designed in 2 colours dark and light, to change the preferred tone, click the icon on the right in the horizontal settings menu, the design tone will be changed.
10. Cellular communication payments, utilities payments, etc. (under testing)

Ranked online wallet
Available to the rank holders only. POS-mining is activated, the user is not required to be online. Mining goes 24 hours a day.

2. Developers Pool payments

We pay great attention to long-term investors (holders). Unlike speculators, long-term investors stabilize the network and withdraw excess coins from the market, this has a beneficial effect on the PostCoin exchange rate. The terms are simple: the more coins you have and the longer you hold them, the higher will be your payout from the developers pool.
The investor's rank can be registered in this topic: http://postcoin.top/forum/prisvoenie-rangov-postcoin





3. Specifications


Mining: Pure POS
Ticker: POST
Block Time : 60 sec
Minimum Stake Age: 12 hours
Maximum Stake Age : 14 days
Stake Rate: 2% Fixed
Initial Supply: 30.000.000 POST
Supply after burning the leftover coins from Free Distribution: ~15.081.003 POST

4. Exchanges




livecoin: www.livecoin.net/ru/trade/index?currencyPair=POST%2FBTC/

Cryptopia:  https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=POST_BTC

Novaexchange : https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_POST/

Coinexchange https://www.coinexchange.io/market/POST/BTC
Yobit: https://yobit.net/en/trade/POST/BTC


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