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Have you been scammed or had your funds stolen by Unnamed exchange?  Crypto-city wants hear your experience.

Comment below with and or a screenshot of your issues:

  • Can't withdraw
  • Why your account was locked when you raise issues
  • Why TillKoeln has stolen your money?
  • Why the scam exchange operator TillKoeln makes a habbit of leaking private users data on the internet putting everyone at risk?


Raise public awarenessness by  SHARING THIS LINK everywhere and adding your comments below..



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I feel really bad for anyone taking their badly copy paste Google doc spreadsheet realease seriously. The audit function built into the exchange software is there for a reason and apparently TillKoeln, the exchange operator didn't bother using it, but instead doctored up some silly spreadsheet for would be gullible users. Does he seriously think people are that dumb?

TillKoeln has stolen funds from the thousands of users on the exchange.  He certainly has stolen our funds. So, if you're a victim, help raise awareness by reporting and adding your comment below.


How to Report Fraud

  1. Click on this URL:
  2. Select "Abuse Reports > Fraud/phshing > Next
  3. Enter your name and email
  4. Fill out the form as follows
    • Abusive Domains >
    • Abusive URL >
    • Target website:
    • Subject > using Namecheap provided services to Steal thousands of user funds
    • Body > is using Namecheap's domain services to steal funds from thousands of users. Please revoke all current and future services. Please forward to hosting providers as well. Thank you.
    • Attach any files of evidence you like
  5. Click on the terms, captcha and then submit.


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Well since they gave me a 9999999 Ban in troll box, They have blocked me trading and good luck if I can withdraw.... Worst Exchange I have ever used.
May 5, 2021
I saw this coming over a year ago, same developer as Cryptopia, same shit from his friend,
May 10, 2021
yet another exchange that leaves many users with mistrust
May 24, 2021
Thanks for letting us know, feeling so sorry for our narrow niche..
July 7, 2021