By: on Yesterday, 9:26 am
Just a heads up.#Crypto-city  #Trading / Projects #AMA's Throughout The Day All Week-end Long (9:30am Saturday. Dec 5-6)  Join us on Google Hangout at this link:
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By: on November 29, 2020
Today is an all day event or till I pass-out.. You can watch me trade or ask questions about trading or projects.   Join us on Google Hangout at this link:
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By: on November 28, 2020
People have requested a #Crypto-city #AMA so we're starting it up again. Ask anything about Crypto #trading.... or projects we're working on.
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By: on November 24, 2020
Exciting News. The bitFlowers website is now up and running. Take a look. What do you think? Leave a comment below. 
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By: on November 6, 2020
As the economy and stock market goes to crap, it's good for crypto and HYP...  Let's  get HYP more exposure, educate, write a blog, share it on social media, make videos, songs,  shoot out some tweets, accept HYP for goods and services, trade, get it on more exchanges, etc....
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By: on July 1, 2020
Get your FREE Hyperstake (HYP)crypto currency coin. It's Basically FREE Money to put in your wallet, sell, trade or spend as you like. No strings. The faucet is currently funded with 100,000 coins to be given away. As of (7/2/2020), there are already 1335 individual claims for HYP coins. Here's is how to get your FREE HYP coins:   ...
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By: on June 30, 2020
#Hyperstake (#HYP) is now #LIVE and #Trading on the #Argentinian #SouthXchange. It's trading on the #Bitcoin and #DOGE based #market pairs. Check it out  here:
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By: on May 12, 2020
The Kyber Network is a decentralized Ethereum-based on-chain protocol that provides for the instantaneous exchange and transformation of digital assets. The project was designed to serve as an option to centralized trading exchanges which are converting more and more prone to hacks. With the Kyber Network’s on-chain protocol, users will be capable to exchange digital currency spontaneously.   The protocol permits for a wide range of implementation opportunities for liquidity providers, pro...
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By: on May 10, 2020
Digix Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DigixDAO) is a self-governing group that aims to create tokenized projects that will benefit the Digix and DGX ecosystem. Anyone can become a member of the community by possessing DigixDAO token (DGD). The organization was founded in December 2014 with the chief goal of tokenizing digital assets with the collective guidance and effort of its community. This means that all decisions taken about DigixDao’s future happen in parallel to the votes of t...
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By: on May 10, 2020
The Holochain is a platform that features a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture with cryptographic keys different for each node. It uses the Proof-of-Service (POS) protocol and combines the power of blockchain technology and developed DLT technology to validate nodes. HOT is a utility token built for the participants of this ecosystem. It has a max supply of around 178 billion. It is available for purchase and trading on exchanges such as CoinCodex, IDEX, DDEX, and Binance. What...
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By: on April 27, 2020
The Theta Network, a new blockchain and token as the incentive mechanism for a decentralized video streaming and delivery network. Theta price is $0.10623834 with a 24-hour trading volume of $7,632,460.96 at the time of writing. Theta blockchain introduces three main novel concepts: ...
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By: on April 23, 2020
ADN has made another solution to help crypto’s trademark crowdfunding effort to have another viable option for it to continue evolving. Every approach mentioned has its advantages and disadvantages. Security Token Offerings As the name implies, STOs are a crowdfunding process wherein the issuer is selling its investors its tokenized securities. In financial courses, securities are assets which take the form of bonds, stocks, notes, etc. As in the case with stocks, investors can earn interest...
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