By: on May 11, 2022
  The much anticipated Element (HYP) Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet. Yep it's finally here. ...
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By: on March 14, 2022
Hey everyone. Thank you for the birthday wishes.  I'm generally not on facebook much, but you can almost always catch me on our very own social network at Crypo-city: Feel free to join our crypto currency projects and trading chats on Discord as well: Element (HYP): ...
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By: on December 25, 2021
Wishing everyone a happy holidays from the Element (HYP) cryptocurrency team. Element (HYP) info:
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By: on December 23, 2021
Lots of people are residing a hectic life schedule, due to which they really feel tired, plus their main goal is to eradicate fatigue and get enjoyment in recent times. There are many folks who are taking part in the Path of Exile (PoE) game because it is among the most fascinating games that remove exhaustion and give adequate entertainment. As opposed to other activities, this amazing online game is significantly desired by people because it includes interesting tournaments, leagues, and...
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By: on December 6, 2021
Seems people are starting to get wind of the Hyperstke rebrand. The team have not finished all compnents of the Hyperstake to Element (HYP) launch yet, but it's almost there.  Saying that we are very excited is ununderstatement. The team has put in a crazy amount of work to get to this stage and looks like people are paying attention and  activities are picking up and as of this post it's up 100%. Element (HYP) info:
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By: on May 31, 2021
Recently, the bitFlowers network was attacked. The team acted quickly and asked all the exchanges to put their wallets into maintenance.  You will not be able to send or receive deposits during this time.  If your wallet is still on, please turn them off until an update release announcement is provided. The team is investigating how the attack possibly could have been done and as such will take some time. After the investigations are completed, we'll develop some possible solutions and...
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By: on May 2, 2021
Have you been scammed or had your funds stolen by Unnamed exchange?  Crypto-city wants hear your experience. Comment below with and or a screenshot of your issues: ...
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By: on March 16, 2021
The Crypto-city team has been working hard at building out the bitFlowers infrastructure. Participating is super easy. It's as simple as downloading the bitFlowers wallet from our website and in a few clicks you are up running. It really is that simple. You now have the power  to: ...
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By: on March 14, 2021
Are we Facebook friends?  Yes? Great! Given away plenty of bitcoins in the past, this time I'm giving away bitFlowers (PETAL) If you've never owned crypto currencies before, now is your chance. It will Cost you nothing as in Zero. Zippo. Zeltch. ...
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By: on March 9, 2021
Are you a member of Yes? Great! For a short time, the bitFlowers team will be rewarding members with 10,000 bitFlowers (PETAL) coins. To participate: ...
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By: on February 14, 2021
The Crypto-city team is thrilled to officially announce the completion of the Ciredo rebrand and the release of the bitFlowers wallet. If you are still running the Ciredo wallet, please update it ASAP. The imminent soft fork will take effect on block 403800 where the POS rates will be enhanced. For rate details visit: Be sure to REGISTER on Crypto-city and "LIKE" the bitFlowers page if you haven't already. ...
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By: on February 12, 2021
We're just finishing up on some final wallet tests. The bitFlowers cryptocurrency wallet is almost ready for release to the public. Just need to finish some odds and ends and we are set. bitFlowers info:
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