By: on July 16, 2018
@presstab is planning on hosting a HYP meeting to go over any questions you have or if you want to chat about the HYP project! We have provided some options for next week (July 23 to July 27) that we are available to complete a conference call. This call will be held on the Hyperstake Discord Voice Channel. If you want to join, follow the links below and let us know when you are available. All times provided are in Mountain Standard Time (MST). We look forward to speaking with everyone! 1....
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By: on July 14, 2018
The mission of the Crypto-city Hyperstake (HYP) Outreach Program is to Provide 1000 Hyperstake crypto currency coins to 1000 people laround the world, ocal and abroad through the sharing of education. The ideal candidates are people that have no previous experience or knowledge about crypto. For more information or to download the Hyperstake (HYP) wallet: To learn more about Crypto, visit the the Education link above or click he...
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By: on June 19, 2018
How To Stay Cool In The House Without Resorting To Using An Air Conditioner If you're not a fan of air conditioning like I am, you'll find that it is relatively easy to stay cool in a house during a hot summer without resorting to air conditioning and there are some benefits. To get started you will need the following item: 1. Window fan 2. Extenision cord (optional) That's it! Once you have the items, you'll need to locate a window at the highest part of the house. Now you'll ne...
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By: on June 5, 2018
In today's modern world, the majority of the population has acces to a computer and internet. These are a set of powerful tools that allows people to access global knowledge to change lives. Yet, it boggles the mind that a large percentage of the population has no clue what to do with it or just use it as paper weight after their initial purchase of the device.
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By: on June 4, 2018
The Grandcoin (GDC) Paper wallet generator has been added to GDC website. Please visit this link and let us know if everything is working on your side. Thanks.
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By: on May 11, 2018
In life, there are many things that you can't control. So, there is no point in wasting your time or energy bitching about the things you can't control. Instead, focus on the few things you can control: the way you think and the way you manage yourself. Know and accept this fact to change your life in the way you want it to be.
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By: on May 2, 2018
The Future Today. Making your life easier. Introducing the Hyperchain White Paper. This will be a multi-part release, this one will be exclusively for the Hyperchain 2nd Layer Platform that will run on top of the Hyperstake blockchain. (Skip the press release) Download the Hyperchain White Paper for details.
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By: on March 9, 2018
Tom Bradshaw, one of the core developers of PIVX talks about Hyperstake (HYP) Listen to the Interview on Talkin' Crypto:
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By: on February 27, 2018
ICO's are one of the few things in the Cryptospace I've abstained from as I've said in the past and I'll continue shy away from ICO's as 99% fail as most of them are simply money grab schemes with zero product. There are plenty of other opportunities in the cryptospace that already have existings products and markets. As of 2017, 46% of ICO's have already failed with many more to follow suit which raises those numbers to 59% and 2018 is not going to be any different.
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By: on August 29, 2017
BITCOIN IS ALL TIME HIGH WITH 4581.80 USD. However what is happening with BTC Dominance it not have been increased.  As there are many other new currencies/coins got introduced with the coinmarket cap hence the dominance has been distributed with those coins. Still we have an eye for other coins especially with Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin etc and we also need to congratulate the support of the Bitcoin cash which has been increased in the market charts with in couple of weeks after ...
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By: on August 28, 2017
Currencies are the most vulnerable thing in the entire world. As far world has evolved so the requirement of currencies as well whereas at the ancient days our ancestors started the trading on the BARTER service basis whereas it was difficult to serve the purpose thereafter they decided to take on the innovative aspect on the currency hence they got evolved the century for currency for the lifetime.Barter Services have been came across with many phases like right from the Agriculture based Barte...
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By: on August 27, 2017
WHAT  IS  CRYPTO  WORD? Crypto is an AI(Artificial Intelligence) language which is based on the Algorithmic prepositions of the values. In simple words we can say Crypto is understandable language for computer for example QR gets identified by  the QR readers. Further more simplified way :-  Crypto = AI(Artificial Intelligence) Alphabets. Blockchain= Statement created by doing conjunction with Alphabets.  HOW  DOES  CRYPTO  CURRENCIES WORKS ON  THE  BASIS OF THESE VALUES?   As...
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