by on September 15, 2016
PostCoin with the support of Crypto-Compass represents a new financial instrument for long-term investors - Investment Portfolio PostCoin (IPP).
Unlike clients of banks, mutual funds and other services, owners of PostCoin portfolios at any time can dispose of its assets, since they are in their hands.
IPP combines several functions:
1. Weekly payments
IPP holders receive a weekly payments in PostCoins. Amount of coins depends on the type of investment portfolio. For carrying out payout Crypto-Compass has allocated 2.5 million coins involved in the POS. Mined coins are used for weekly payments and other PostCoin promotions.
2. Protection against deflation
Weekly payments are tied to the PostCoin price. Protection against deflation can reduce dependence payout from a PostCoin price or remove it altogether. This guarantees a constant amount of coins, even at multiple increasing price.
3. Insurance
Crypto-Compass assumes the risks associated with lowering prices of coin and ready to insure the assets PostCoin portfolios.
The possibility of obtaining the investment portfolio will be open from 10.09.2016 by 10.10.2016
Upon completion of this period, PostCoin community will take the form of closed joint-stock company (CJSC)
Official forum: http://community.postcoin.pw/index.php
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