by on September 17, 2016
Do you want your PC to run faster, but you don't have the money to fork out for an SSD (Solid State) drive ?
If you're looking for a cheap way to breath new life into your old computer system, here is cheap way to boost the performance of your PC. It's so cheap it's practically FREE. The only cost is a few minutes of your time and you can go from Zero to Hero with your friends and family in no time.
The results are almost like magic. So, here is how you can perform this techno magic trick. These tricks are mainly for the Windows OS.
(If you're you're not using windows that's OK, the same concept pretty much works on all systems.)
1. Depending on your OS (Operating System), Right-Click on "My Pc" or "This PC" and you'll be presented with a screen of some basic information about your computer.
2. On the information screen, look for, "Advanced Systems Settings" and click on it. A screen will pop-up with your systems properties.
3. Look in the "Performance" section and Click-on "Settings" then select "Adjust For Best Performance" and Click-on "Apply" and then "OK."
You are pretty much done... However, if you want to squeeze out a bit more you can do the following:
1. Turn off your auto screen saver feature.
2. Just select a plain color desktop instead of some fancy graphics
Now if you really want to take further and help to keep you system buzzing right along... You can do the following.
1. Clean out your junk files
2. Clean your registry
You can do the above by using small utility called, "CCleaner" from Piriform software and it's free.
... and last, but not least is:
1. De-Fragmenting your hard drive
The reason for this is that your computer writes files all over the place in random orders on your drive so over time time it will get slower and slower because it has to go search for the files and piece it all back together again. Defragging basically reorganizes the files in the hard drive in an orderly fashion so it can be easily accessed by the computer without having to search all over the place to find it.
Be forewarned, depending how big of mess you have on your drive it may take a while to de-fragment your drive. However, it will speed it your computing experience and help extend the life your drive. If you have an SSD drive you need not worry about defragging.
So there you have it, you are now armed some powerful knowledge it's almost sorcery. Go forth and perform!
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Daffany Neon
You can do much more then this. Maybe I will make a guide.
November 22, 2016