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In the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Phase 3, players will have new opportunities to accumulate wealth and strengthen their financial position within the game. Whether you aim to save for epic mounts, valuable gear, or establish yourself as a prosperous adventurer, this guide will highlight the fastest and most lucrative methods to farm gold in Wrath Classic Phase 3. Here are the top 5 ways to make gold in the Trial of the Crusader.

Farming Epic Gems from Honor:

One of the easiest and passive gold farming methods in Phase 3 is participating in battlegrounds and farming honor for epic gems. These gems will be available from the PvP vendor for a range of 10,000 to 20,000 honor each. Engage in battlegrounds like the Isle of Conquest and Wintergrasp to earn honor and accumulate gold. Take advantage of the weekly PvP quests and call to arms for additional passive gold income.

Jeeves Crafting:

Jeeves, the handy robot butler, can help you generate gold through crafting. While Jeeves requires Kings Amber, which becomes available in Phase 3, you can already prepare by farming the Field Repair Bot 74A recipe from the Simon Units in Blade's Edge. Craft and sell bots like the Scrapbot and Field Repair Bot, and profit from items like Fused Wiring. The demand for these items will increase on patch day, making it a lucrative opportunity.

New Daily Quests:

Phase 3 introduces new daily quests at the Argent Tournament, providing easy gold with minimal effort. Champion your faction and undertake quests in the newly renovated Hrothgar's Landing and other locations. Complete the NPC assassination quests offered by FBC High Crusader Adelard and quests provided by Crusader Silverdawn. These quests can be completed quickly, rewarding you with gold and Champion Seals, which can be turned into pets and sold on the auction house.

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World Tours:

Engage in world tours during Phase 3, particularly in Titan Rune beta adventures. These adventures offer lucrative rewards, including epic crystals, emblems of Triumph, Sidereal Essence, and Cosmic Essence. Shatter crystals for Greater Cosmic Essence or convert emblems to BOEs or epic gems for maximum profit. Consider running daily heroic quests and collecting emblems of Triumph, which can be exchanged for valuable rewards.

Dungeon and Raid Runs:

As Phase 3 progresses, players will seek to gear up for raid encounters, creating opportunities for gold making. Offer your services as a reliable party member for dungeon runs or raid groups, focusing on dungeons or raids with desirable loot drops. Tank or healer roles are often in high demand, increasing your chances of finding groups and earning substantial gold. Trial of the Crusader, the primary raid instance for Phase 3, will provide significant gold and loot rewards.

Titanium Prospecting:

Another profitable method in Phase 3 is titanium prospecting. Prospecting a large quantity of titanium ore can yield epic gems and adamantite powder. With enough epic gems, you can make substantial profits, especially on patch day when gem prices spike. Keep in mind that prices may decrease after the initial surge, so timing is crucial. Investing in thousands of titanium ore can lead to significant gold generation through prospecting.

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