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Today I want to introduce a gold farming approach to you. What I’m likely to do is review a far more popular method. I’ll demonstrate how to do it as usual. But I’ll also return and let you know if you should get it done, or if it’s well worth the time and when you’ll earn enough gold to warrant doing the work for that long.

Now I will demonstrate how to farm Auridon and obtain Rawhide Scraps. This is an extremely popular method, many have introduced this specific method. I just farmed to obtain these Dreugh Wax. So what I’m likely to do is demonstrate how to get it done quickly. Then I’d also review whether it’s worth your time and effort to get it done.

First, you have to head to Auridon. Shrine is definitely in motion, and when you want to visit this small area, you can spot it in the spotlight to the right. This is where every part will be generated. So basically, what I did was lightly attack each bot and pull all of them into an area while on offer it.

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Once you've all the parts to cast like two AOE skills plus they all land onto it, I usually just pull all of them around the center area. So they are simple to kill, at any point in a level there shouldn’t be considered a problem. They’re quite simple to kill, as well as my two abilities and pretty decent gear haven’t quite proved useful yet.

Whenever you kill them, they turn into a whole clump. You’ll get about 10 Rawhide Scraps and several other gears that you can trade with merchants for enough ESO Gold or rare to help you level up.

I think it takes about thirty seconds to collect all of the bots and kill them, it usually takes about thirty seconds or so for all of the bots to respawn, so you can get it done again. Roughly speaking, you’ll get about 10 Scraps each minute, and also you’ll acquire some other Scraps occasionally, like Armor Scraps. If we look, you can make an income again.

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It will be great on PC and Xbox, with 200 duplicate Scraps worth about 7000 gold coins. If you manage to obtain about 600 Scraps every time, you’ll get about 21,000 gold coins around the console. But in my estimation, the net income here is not high, however, you will get something that can be traded using the merchant.

In my estimation, the quantity of gold coins continues to be small, and it’s not worth your time and effort to get it done on the console, the one thing that will make us more profitable would be to run RNG, unfortunately, it’s already done. Even if you’re lucky enough to get summon your companions and produce them here, it might not be worth doing.

Even you can get some matching gear in the robot. But even so, you most likely won’t make enough money, also it takes a substantial amount of energy, and you can hang up the phone or do anything whatsoever like that whatsoever, and you can take a rest.

Overall, it seems to me when you’re poor and don’t fully realize what else to complete when you start, it’s certainly something you can do. But I think you will find hundreds of different ways. You can do more things hanging around to make more income faster, even though you just sit for an hour doing themed quests like dungeons, you can make more income.

So overall, for farming methods like Rawhide, and trying to obtain Drugh Wax, maybe you can make money here, but you have a chance to create more. But this process is ideal for players who're just trying this process, and I think it may guarantee profits.

I believe it is very rare to create more than one gold material every 200 pieces, so I believe it is not worth refining. But that’s just my estimation. This approach isn’t that profitable, and you most likely shouldn’t be doing the work yourself.

I thought maybe it might have been nice previously, but I think all of the bots hanging around are disruptive to everyone. So that affects the buying price of the material. So it’s not worthwhile, which is the major reason I don’t think it’s just like it used to be.

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