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by on August 27, 2017

Government charge us on hard earned money in the name of Taxes thus we ourselves surrender our hard earned taxes just to maintain the RBI(Reserve Bank of India) Ledgers along with to fulfill the  lockers stores of the government in order to raise the GDP. 

Then what happens when GDP raises why the amount and taxes on the product does not get discounted/we get rebate on the products like fuel, grocery items, food items etc. These are the some questions which are still there in the mind of people. 

In-spite of paying taxes why the Banks charge us Compound Interest on the Loan or credit which we have taken. It should be distributed for all the citizens of the India not only Tax payers.

So here comes scam, Once the Big people or personalities or Business Tycoons or Big Whales in the market do not pay or return their Loans to the bank i.e. BIGGGG BANKRUPT PEOPLE. Rendered Loans like in Thousands of Crores then this GDP helps to resolve the problem.  How?

Now reverse the Entire Equation as per below mentioned simple formula.



This equation means that Bankrupt people does Kaput of our Money.

Then Banks do not have any options rather to charge us Compound Interest or also charge us NON MAINTENANCE of the ACCOUNT (I don't understand this why the hell we are paying for something even though we are not using that particular thing.

Then Government, Government raise funds for their benefits as per below :-

1) Govt. Advertising Budgets.
2) Sadhu Sant/Religion Domain Funding Budgets(For India).
3) Campaigning Budgets.
4) Convenience Budgets(Caravan).
5) Party Profile Building Budgets.

And there are Many more Budgets under the verge of social causes which ultimately gets diluted as per above Budgets.

Then RBI gets some part of it to maintain their regulations and expenses in case there might be some financial regulations.

And the end who suffers the Tax payers but he gets swelled up that he has surrendered his/her money under the verge of social development.

Now onwards I will share the another world which is called as CRYPTO WORLD whereas anybody can earn or spend without paying taxes. #STAYTUNED  


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