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Initial Coin Offering or ICO is an effective way for start-up companies to raise capital and pursue their project. It is blockchain-based thus reduces regulations & waives off restrictions. So it’s highly beneficial for individuals seeking funds.


Launching an ICO does not guarantee any investments. It has to be marketed in various aspects to be successful.


ICOs are fast, smooth, and simplified than the traditional crowdfunding methods. Crypto Marketing is essential as it benefits you when you’re working to create a positive mindset in the global market prior to coin launch. Cryptocurrency Marketing aids you in getting a clear perception of the project - what are the challenges and what hurdles should you overcome before implementing the project. There are numerous reasons that you should approach an ICO Marketing Company and the most essential one is, the company will aid you in promoting the ICO and meeting the funding goal. Besides getting investors to the ICO program, it is more important to retain them and convert into actual investment.



Social Media Platform

Creating & sharing blogs, articles, posts, videos, hashtags, write-ups, ads on various social media platforms, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, and Youtube. This aids in increasing the bonding with your users. Along with that, this also acts as a point of contact and a portal for releasing updates.


Crypto Forums

Approach crypto developers, crypto enthusiasts, and crypto traders to gain knowledge on innovative and emerging marketing techniques. Stay active on forums and communities linked to your business. This aids in developing a dynamic community & a reliable follow up of your product. It will also attract investors’ attention.


Digital Marketing

Deploy numerous digital marketing techniques, for example, SEO, Content (blogs, articles, posts, etc.), and other methods to create a hype for your products & services. This also helps you to stay on top of the investor’s view, attract more participants, and enhances your platform ratings on leading search engines.


Content Marketing

It is an innovative method of explaining the lifecycle of your product. The main activities involve the creation of blogs, articles, downloadable articles with the marketing point of view & selling point of view and sharing the same on various content sharing & Q/A platforms. Also, you can share client testimonials and videos.


Advertising Strategies

A proper & planned set of advertising strategies opens the door for you to promote your product and also feature on other exchange platforms. Customizable parameters enhance your product and aid in reaching the target quicker and easier.


Influencer Marketing

It involves five primary cards - Identify, Vet, Relate, Measure, and Repeat. Get in touch with celebrities and social media influencers linked to your industry to generate positive outcomes and feedback on your product.


Blockchain Firm is a leading ICO marketing agency worldwide. They incorporate the best marketing strategies that aid your project to stand apart from the crowd. Their team of intelligent and professional digital marketers works dynamically to provide all-round exposure to your project. Their solutions are secure, accurate, scalable, and customizable.

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