by on June 15, 2022

A moment of reflection.

 Life is interesting. One can spend years mentoring someone at great expense to one's time and resources because they asked for help. .

You agree, teaching them about crypto, projects, trading and how it all works,  pay their rent for a year, buy them a high end monster workstation so they can explore, learn and hone their skills and better their perspective in life. Give them an insane amount of coins.  Support them emotionally and mentally in their lowest points in life. 

In the end,  only to find they are extremely toxic and vindictive.  All the while, blaming you because they are not succeeding in  life.

I hope no one has to deal with the above.  I'm not even mad, but it is quite disappointing.

With that said, everyone have a terrific morning / day.  Life is too short to live like the above. Always be thankful for everyday.

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