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Players all know the importance of POE Currency to their game development path, but some players may not know how to earn POE Currency in the game. Here are some tips to help them get rich quickly. As long as the players persevere, then they can get rich in the game.

Delve. Players need to explore a procedurally generated cave that is always forked. But players must first get Sulphite for Niko to perform Delve. Sulphite can be got from the map, Niko Master missions, and by using Sulphite Scarabs on the map. When the player decides to Delve, try to get deep into the mine. Use as many Sulphite levels as possible to go through the cave at that depth.

After completion, explore the path by entering the dark passage, looking for any destructible walls and opening the cache. These areas can provide POE Currency drops, fossils and valuable resonators, which are worth about 30 Chaos. Once players set up their Delve, it can easily become one of the most profitable activities in the game.

Catch the beast for Einhar. It related Einhar to the Bestiary mechanism. Players can use unique modifiers to help hunters catch tough and rare creatures, and then players can use these modifiers to craft or modify items. If done well, Bestiary can be said to be the most profitable mechanism. Complete as many master tasks as possible with Einhar. When the player has enough beasts, look for any Fenumal Plagued Arachnids and any Aspect-related beasts in the zoo. All these creatures are precious, some of them even cost hundreds of Chaos Orbs. Or players can buy POE Currency directly at POECurrency.com, which is also the fastest way.

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