by on March 16, 2021

The Crypto-city team has been working hard at building out the bitFlowers infrastructure. Participating is super easy. It's as simple as downloading the bitFlowers wallet from our website and in a few clicks you are up running. It really is that simple.

You now have the power  to:

  • Send coins anywhere in the world in mere seconds.
    • Even into space if they are running a bitFlowers wallet and have internet.
  • Borderless: You are not bound by boarders.
  • Permissionless: You never need permission to send or receive coins.
  • Opensource: Yep, it's completely open source and anyone can look at the code.
  • Join the Network and contribute:
    • Register on Crypto-city and Like the bitFlowers page. 
    • Join our Discord channel
    • You can write about it
    • Make videos and we'll add it to our videos section
    • Share your knowledge. Help pay it forward and educate others
    • Share your coins and let others expeirence what it's like
  • More info on bitFlowers
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