by on February 17, 2016
Greeting Crypto friends,
Exchanges and Mining pools may come and go, but never again will we lose our home. The Crypto-city team have some very ambitious goals. Our immediate goal is to provide a singular place for everyone to meet, share and learn. We have a lot of room to grow with constant improvement as our main focus points.
Ultimately, Crypto-city is your complete bitcoin and digital currency connection. Discuss mining, trading and economic developments in a forum. Connect with your friends, family and other people you know that buy and trade BTC.
Our mission is to not only replicate real world communities, but to also create its own micro communities and economies within the borderless space of Crypto-city regardless of geography. We want to provide what the community needs and wants. Transparency from crypto has been one of the top concerns from the community. We will be conducting several polls from time to time to get a better understanding on what the community as a whole wants and needs.
We will also be encouraging coin developers to set up shop in what we may be calling the Developers district. This will be a place separated from regular Citizens profiles that will provide a one on one interaction between Citizens and the Coin Development Teams. The idea behind this is if you are a Dev who does not want to make the time to interact with the community then maybe the community is not so interested in your coin.
On our projects list:
Crypto-city Academy, will be a section of the city where you can get a full crypto education & dedicated to Tutorials for things like setting up a miner, how to use coin base, how to compile a wallet and more.
City Hall is an area of the site we will be listing info collected not just by us but by the community. Things like lists of working exchanges, links to bootstraps, and also important news that affects the entire community. Another concept stage is the Crypto-city Mall. The Mall will be a place for people to set up shop and sell their goods and services directly to the community for crypto.
In closing, we would like to wish you a warm welcome to your new home at Crypto-city. We are looking forward to making new friends and also catching up with friends that we have lost in the recent Cryptsy displacement.
The Crypto-city Team
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Great name, nice website, this project has vision
February 25, 2016
Get it moving what's up
March 7, 2016
We're always moving 1f642.png
March 7, 2016
I l like it good stuff good people and I love crypto
March 8, 2016