Publish Date: February 21, 2016



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NetCoin (NET) - Litecoin / PeerCoin Proof of Stake with Personal Investment Rate and Open Wallet Incentive (PIR & OWI)

The default ports: Connection 11310, and RPC 11311

No premine

Difficulty retargets on every block

POS Details POS activated on block 420,000 - Hard fork

Personal Investment Rate (PIR) for the APR Stake reward increases in line with the value of the coins staked on a sliding scale 2-10% 1 - 10 million NET

POS 1 hour minimum age for staking. 30 days max age

FAIR-WEIGHT protocol enforced stake weight coin value cap of 100,000 NET replaces the idea of 'block splitting' to prevent very large NET holders signing lots of POS blocks

6 confirmations for transaction

70 confirmations for minted blocks

POS - stake once each month to earn highest possible rewards incentivizes running full nodes to increase POS security coin age gradually slows after 1 month with an aging half life of 90 days. Newest client is v3.0.0

POW- ended block 2500000