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Litedoge - LDOGE the fast fun coin, what is all about learning the technology of bitcoin style wallets with Wikipedia style github pages, friendly community, decentralized wallets, secured proof of stake 2.0 network. Bridge chat with all the main Social media channels - libra irc, matrix chat, telegram, and discord. Worldwide based coin what is Shia law compliant with real world use to help the world understand blockchain technology.  Not for use for theft, drug use, or illegal use. 

 Name: LiteDoge
Ticker: LDOGE

Proof of Work Algorithm: Scrypt
Proof of Stake Algorithm: 2.0 
Block Time: 64 Seconds
Min age: 8 hours
Maturity: 501 blocks
TX fee: 0.1 LDOGE
Difficulty Re-target: Every block
P2P Port: 17014
RPC Port: 17015
Premine: None
Max Coins: 50 Billion
Launch: March 16, 2015, 08:15:00 PM UTC
Current wallet version: v3.6.0.0.
Please upgrade if you have an older version!

Proof of Work Rewards: Ended at block: 8,000
Proof of Stake Rewards: 500 LDOGE

Transaction fee changed from 0.01 to 0.1 LDOGE at block 595000


 Command line daemon Windows

Mac Wallet:

Blockchain Boostrap and blockchain Files: 03-2023
[url=][/url] -Boostrap updated to 01-02-2021 guide how to use a bootstrap or snapshot


Raspberry Pi Install Guide

Compile RasberryPI and VPS setup guide:


Finexbox -

BTCPOP – P2P Lending platform Peer to Peer Bitcoin Banking, Lend and Borrow Bitcoins. Investment Pools. Initial Public Offerings.

Don’t Trade LDOGE on yobit, wallet is disabled for deposit and withdraw! LDOGE will be LOST if deposited to yobit!

Official Website:,,
Discord Group: - bill tip bot and bot enabled 
Reddit: - Tip bot wallet available with staking enabled
libra IRC: community and support for those needing assistance:  This channel is linked with tip bot with staking enabled
Matrix Chat :[/b Tip bot wallet available with staking enabled
Telegram Group: - Tip bot wallet available with staking enabled

Marketcap Lists:
OLD Greek Translation -
Calculators!roi-calculator ;

TheCryptoBill - PAPER WALLETS: [url=
wallet][/url] or

You can earn LiteDoge by finding blocks
Keep your coins for at least 8 hours in your wallet and they will be eligible for staking, finding new blocks, earning 500 coins per block found!
The time needed to find a block depends on the number of coins you hold in your wallet, coin age, and amount of people also staking at the same time.

LDOGE Faucets: Type .faucet after entering the channel. 

 for use in tipbot-mobile-faucet <- command list website
Our tip bot is now cross compatible on irc, discord, telegram ,and reddit, check prices, has 2fa security, commands used in pm or in the LDOGE tip bot channel --> .help .tip .deposit .withdraw STAKING IS AUTO ENABLED WITH THE BILL TIP BOT BOT NOT THE TIP.CC BOT
staking for LDOGE enabled at starting point of 500  to 1000 coins, games, faucet, and you can merge accounts also across platforms
Also there is frequent LDOGE rains from people in this channel, so please join and check out theLDOGE LIbra DISCORD development  channel, thank you.

TIP.CC tip bot is also enabled with LDOGE on the LDOGE DISCORD TIP BOT

For those who want to learn about Litedoge - LDOGE where it started and where its going with development with LDOG moving forward as a ecosystem

Litedoge Development Fund - LDOGE DEV FUND FIRST STAKE!

Want to help the LiteDoge team by donating to help development? - thank you!
LiteDogecoin LDOGE = dN8MWg5MUfDo9QmPY8Loi1KYkNNkvE6apb
Bitcoin BTC = 1C9S8xrtufD8RiQ6C27TYtCj3PBk3sSVSM
BCHA bitcoin cash = bitcoincash:qr8glwmvfd50x8huu56d520je8kele7ccv7mnfg2kz
BCHA testnet = bchtest:qre6lxfmtme9ewredsyfwygvnerh6nvnzqdfusucx5
Litecoin LTC = LfTwq28UDSjaXk4Q5HaBfkEeUhU2MniVQf
Clamcoin CLAM = xJXnea6h4HrXdzh4MkLm8au5WzSWY6KCmo
Syscoin SYS = sys1qntsx4ehtzfx8d6c3vxznnv9uhhdj6px4ufsawn
TheHolyRoger ROGER = VCnoCoRbXGrKNtLfuL8d4RikKLawF2FfVg
bItflowers PETAL = CP8koa11zFmzkwWzHE4SY2uZWDJDcB47y5
Primecoin XPM = AY2GujHm4wRLM463sw8TqKYbGayCDSMYvr
Verge XVG = DC5hukPbHZyzAA5Tmj4yHxXwaZigA5uRH4
BNB binance smart chain = 0x2D5b8793C5FF066b4d953612465c033A10010a1c