Publish Date: December 12, 2020
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The Holy Roger Coin

The Holy Roger Coin (ROGER) is the leading cryptocurrency coin?

ROGER is developed with a focus on outing scams, being The Holiest Roger and trolling all Fake Rogers

Symbol: ROGER
Algorithm: Scrypt
Github: The Holy Roger Coin
Logo: ROGER Logo
Explorers: ROGER Explorerchainz.cryptoID Explorer
Mining Pool: ROGER Mining Pool
Paper Wallet Generator: ROGER Paper Wallet Address Generator
Halvening: ROGER Block Reward Halving Countdown

BitcoinTalk: ROGER BitcoinTalk Announcement
CoinGecko: ROGER on CoinGecko

Introducing Roger Radio

Roger Radio

Join any of our community channels for all the ROGERs you can dream of.

IRC: #TheHolyRoger on Freenode
Discord: TheHolyRoger Discord Retreat TheHolyRoger
Keybase: TheHolyRoger Keybase Team
Telegram: TheHolyRoger Telegram Group
Reddit: ROGER Reddit
Twitter: @RogerConsortium

Premine: 15,000,000 ROGER
Current Supply: Live Coin Supply
Max Supply: 99,000,000 ROGER

Software Releases

AUR (Arch Linux user repository)Roger Core Node/Wallet builds for Arch Linux
GitHub buildsRoger Core Node/Wallet builds for Windows/Mac/Ubuntu


Roger Whitepaper


15,000,000 ROGER to be distributed to the community.
5,300,000 ROGER left

Reserve addresses

Current reserve
Old reserve