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Netcoin (NET)
proof of work has now ended on block 2500000
Netcoin (NET)
Netcoin (NET)
If you don't know about Netcoin and its fair weight staking, you can read all about it here. 100k NET will stake every 6hrs like a beast :D
Netcoin (NET)
Netcoin (NET)
NETcoin is winner of the voting and will be added in 2 days. Next voting will be started on April 20
Netcoin (NET)
Netcoin is on the list to be added to the gaming platform but WE NEED YOUR VOTE! Please take a minute and vote and don't forget to confirm the email so your vote coun...View More
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how do i join?
Netcoin (NET)
Here we go for new users if your looking for a fast sync!! ;)
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