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Industries are exploring Blockchain to enhance their complex business processes. Now, they look to strengthen the food supply chain with blockchain. Read Full Article: Strengthening the Food Supply Chain with Blockchain Solutions
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By: on September 13, 2019
Blockchain technology has already made its impact on financial services. It now presents several significant opportunities in the oil and gas industry . Oil and gas companies with heavy transportation expenditure occurring from processes like freight audit and payment can drive substantial savings with blockchain. Essentially, petroleum companies process thousands of freight transactions each day. However, reconciling freight invoicing against services with appropriate remittances proves to b...
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The applications of artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain create several opportunities for the public sector and private sector enhancement. Both provide businesses with solutions that can radically enhance and streamline existing operations and processes. These emerging technologies enable every type of institution to create new business models and develop innovative solutions and services.   “Anything that could give rise to smarter-than-human intelligence…wins hands down beyond cont...
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After five good long years, the BX Thailand Exchange will soon close to persue other opportunities. Be sure to withdraw your Hyperstake (HYP) crypto currency coins before November 1   Go to the Hyperstake community:
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  Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which may be used to transfer assets from person to person in an exceedingly decentralised manner.   Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms or websites wherever you'll buy/sell or exchange your cryptocurrency or order (money) with different cryptocurrencies.   When joining an exchange , you must consider reputation within the trade, for the fees, the platform performance and whether or not they support new,emerging cryptocurrancies.   F...
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The blockchain smart contract development company you are looking for is right here, just a click away. We give you complete blockchain based services that are up to date with zero errors. Callus immediately to know the price.   
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Following the considerable growth in use cases and applications, industries are exploring the potential of blockchain technology. Many key industry players, as well as governments, are turning to blockchain solutions to optimize and enhance their standard business operations. It is because blockchain application development services have enabled them to avail benefits like quick transaction processing, elimination of intermediaries, security, and much more. Cybersecurity is another prominent are...
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Back from a ride. So I was pushing the Segway hard down a moderate hill with 20 lbs of gear with 2 bars of power left. It throttled back far enough where I had to hop off..... Well, that should have been an indicator to take it easy. Next down hill, a steep one. I decide to gun it. Bad decision because there wasn't enough power to fight me and keep me upright. It basically kept rolling as my weight over powering leaning back and eventually landed on my right side on the pavement, Segway hoppe...
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Banking: Loan Applications Challenges Borrowing money from banks is a time-consuming and complex process. Banks accept loan applications and lend money to only good-risk borrowers. To ascertain the right borrowers, banks collect details of personally identifiable information (PII) such as DoB (Date of Birth) government IDs, electricity bill, passport number, and whatnot. They use information bits to assess an applicant’s credit rating that predicts their debt payback ability, and the likel...
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  As you Know Cryptocurrencies is Booming in  todays world along with foundation of currencies, banking network, payment transations companies and over the world. All things stared about cryptocurrencies with the new term bitcoin which is based on the blockchain techonology. Blockchain techonology was published in 2008 and the newtwork was stared in 2009.   why Invest  in cryptocurrency?   This is a matter that solely you'll answer. however everyone ought to invest at-least a...
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When you are focused, it's harder for you to come out of your productivity mode when you're using accelerated typing techniques, and less likely to think about looking at your inbox or switching to a less demanding task. Take an email vacation” and inform your co-workers or employees you won't be responding to emails until you accomplish your biggest project (I promise, no one will die and you'll be far more productive). While building up a large network of followers is great, ultimately what yo...
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The advent of peer-to-peer mobile payment apps has created a new world of cashless, card-free, and pay-contactless transactions. Their cross-industry applications and use cases range from splitting bills, making remittances, and booking tickets to managing daily expenditures. Financial applications are set to transform the way we make online payments with the availability of digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, m-commerce apps, and peer-to-peer payment apps. Several next-gen peer-to-peer...
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