by on April 7, 2019

Went on an 11.6 mile ride on a very bright and beatiful day.. Lots of hills. Did a bit of off-roading. Rode through puddles, curb hopping, going through dirt, gravel, debris from dead wood and grass. Pavements were rough, but overall not too bad.

Stopped at Taco Bell for lunch. Walked the segway right in. Went shopping with it. Picked up some packing supplies. Got some cat food for the kitty and back home.

Wanted to see what the effective range and it seems 11.6 miles (with lots of steep hills) before running out of juice with the unit being on the whole time. So, on the flats it should get the advertised range of 14 miles or a bit more.  The ride provided lots of useful data for some upcoming mods.

I did have to walk the unit on the last 3 blocks as it was incessently telling me to get off by beeping and and throttling back a crawl. So got a bit of excercise at the end. Great ride all around.

Check out the Flyby Route from the Helmet GPS.

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