25 members Crypto: Groups, is a multicoin Proof of Stake Mining pool. You deposit your altcoins to be staked with us, or you can exchange your coins for one we stake and generate a weekly income. We make weekly payouts every Monday to all members who have generated enough income to qualify for a payment. An account that can generate 0.00100000 BTC or more is qualified for a payout every week. We have a variable rate of return. We are currently staking 4 altcoins where we structure the blocks and sell the stakes. Once the stakes are sold, the BTC value of the earnings from the stakes are then distributed by percentage to the stake pool members. For example, if you own 10% of the weight on the entire pool, you will earn 10% of the stake pool rewards. We provide a list of the mining addresses for the coins we stake through their block explorers on the website. Just click the wallets name and it takes you to the block explorer for that coin. If you have any questions please contact us at:
Alexis Figueroa
Europecoin Grassroot Lobby Currency
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Europecoin has been one of the biggest scams in 2014 and has been dead for over half a year, until we picked it up in January 2015 and rebooted the coin from our Recycle-Bin, to serve our cause. Europecoin is a currency and a workgroup enabled community-platform, to manage expert teams and to establish them, as grass-roots lobbying teams, in Brussels / Europe. The website provides state of the art communication and marketing tools, to support the teams. Their goal is, to educate decision-makers about blockchain technologies and to foster a "decentralization of powers" across Europe. Founder Matthias Klees has collected his experience as social media educator for members of the European Parliament in Brussels. This experience helps to know how and where to place the teams, to give them a voice. quote "In this changing world, one day, even people presently in power, will have questions. They usually then, ask "experts" around them. These "experts" are mostly lobbying for paying corporations. That's, why we would like to be around them too and to provide another perspective." Europecoin 2.0 Features NEW FEATURES: IN-WALLET TRADING APPLICATION IN-WALLET NETWORK AND TRADING STATISTICS NEW VARIANCE VPOS STAKING ENGINE WRITTEN FROM SCRATCH IN-WALLET CLOUDSTAKING CONTROLCENTER WITH DIRECT CLOUDACCESS REWIND BLOCKCHAIN FEATURE 1 (UNDO ATTACKS BY NETWORK CONSENTS) REWIND BLOCKCHAIN FEATURE 2 (REPAIR CORRUPTED BLOCKCHAIN INSTEAD OF RESYNC) HEAVY & STRONG NETWORK (WEIGHT 190 Mio - SIX FULL MANAGED NODES) BIG INFRASTRUCTURE INCLUDING THE ONLY LOCAL EXCHANGE IN EUROPE MULTIPOOL ALWAYS PROGRESSING: LOCAL TRADING PLATTFORM DEFAULT COIN ON ROKOS RASPERRY PI WITH HARDWARE FULL NODE STAKING WALLET IOT-STANDART INTERNET OF THINGS READY ELEKTRUMSERVER FOR MOBILWALLETS & PAYMENT GATEWAY TEAM ACTIVE MAINTAINER & FRIENDLY SUPPORTIVE TEAM NONSTOP INNOVATING LAB WITH TOP KNOWN DEVELOPER TEAM SELF-SUSTAINED PROJECT FUNDING VIA OWN STARTUP STAISYBIT.COM TEAM MINED/BOUGHT EVERY COIN, JUST AS ANY OTHER USER, NO ADVANTAGE TAKEN NOT NEWBE DRIVEN, BUT HERO MEMBER WITH NAME AND ADDRESS (GOOGLE ME) PROVEN TO BE USER CENTRIC AND SERVICE ORIENTED (READ THE THREAD) HARD EARNED REPUTATION BY REBOOTING THIS COIN FROM RECYCLE-BIN ACTIVE TRUSTED MEMBER OF THE CORE CRYPTO COMMUNITY DRIVEN BY MARKETING PROFESSIONALS FUN & EPIC DELIVERY
12ft trampoline nz
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