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Alex Gilbert
Nerd Labs
Nerd Labs – The one-stop solution for all cryptocurrency development, repair, and maintenance needs. Have a vision of your own cryptocurrency for your project, but don't know how to create your own coin? Nerd Labs is the solution! Have an existing coin of your own that needs a little maintenance, checkpoints, hard-coded nodes, a blockchain explorer, GUI updates and more? The Nerds have the expertise you’re looking for. We are able to address your crypto needs, whatever they may be.  New Coins, Old Coins, we are the Nerds for you. We offer a wide range of Crypto services to suit your needs: Coin Coding  Hard coded Nodes Checkpoints Wallet Compiles - Windows/Mac/Linux GUI Updates Node Setups Blockchain Explorers - Iquidius Mining Pools - UNOMP Papers Websites     NerdLabs001.com NerdLabs001 Merch