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New World offers a multifaceted leveling process that includes character levels, trade skill proficiency, and the all-important Gear Score. While character leveling holds its significance, New World Gold and Gear Score becomes paramount once you hit the level cap of 60, especially for conquering endgame challenges. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into understanding Gear Score, how to elevate it, the concept of Expertise, and effective strategies to enhance both your Gear Score and Expertise.

Understanding Gear Score

Gear Score serves as a numerical indicator tied to every item in New World, determining the base stats and effectiveness of items in endgame scenarios. As you progress through the game, acquiring items during your leveling journey will contribute to an increase in your character's overall Gear Score. However, the pace of Gear Score improvement slows down post reaching Gear Score 500, and the cap is set at 625 for endgame content, such as Legendary variants of Expedition and arena gear.

How to Increase Your Gear Score

Elite Farming: Engage in battles with level 60+ elite enemies found in zones like Edengrove, Great Cleave, Shattered Mountain, Reekwater, and Ebonscale Reach. Notable locations include Myrkgard, known for its challenging yet rewarding elite encounters. Eliminating elite enemies increases the chances of obtaining items that elevate your Gear Score.

Expedition Farming: Participate in endgame Expeditions like Garden of Genesis, Lazarus Instrumentality, Tempest's Heart, and Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition. These missions offer numerous enemies, elite encounters, and chests providing valuable gear upgrades. Utilize the Group Finder to easily assemble Expedition groups.

Legendary Weapon and Faction Gear: Obtain a kickstart for your Gear Score by purchasing faction armor (520-540 Gear Score) and completing the endgame weapon quest, securing a 580 Gear Score weapon of your choice. Faction gear becomes accessible upon reaching maximum faction rank at level 60.

Gypsum Orbs and Expertise: After reaching level 60, earn Gypsum through activities like killing named creatures, completing Outpost Rush rounds, achieving trade skill Aptitude levels, defeating final bosses in Genesis and Lazarus expeditions, completing arenas, conquering Corrupted portals, and participating in special events. Craft Gypsum Orbs at a Gypsum Kiln to guarantee Expertise increases for your items.

Crafting and Purchasing: Explore the option of buying 580+ Gear Score items with two or more perks from the shop to create room for Expertise expansion. Crafting is also viable, requiring maxed refining and crafting trade skills, crafting Trophies, specialized armor and jewelry, enhancing food, and an active Improved Lifestyle in your settlement.

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