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There are various herbs and berries grown in Diablo 4's Sanctuary, and these plants offer materials used for crafting via Alchemist recipes. Players can take Gold to craft and upgrade a range of Incense, Potions, Elixirs, and more at Alchemist. Biteberry is one of many herbs available in Diablo 4 and is commonly used in most alchemical concoctions. Fortunately, it is fairly abundant in Sanctuary. Here's how to get and use Biteberry in Diablo 4.

Where to Find Biteberry

While Biteberry isn't actually very scarce, it's restricted to a certain area on the map - the Fractured Peaks. With properties that aid against the cold and even provide tenacity, it grows well in colder regions. The Fractured Peaks happens to be a snowy region, cooler than most places in the game, where you can find this herb. They look like bushes, and searching along the edge of the Fractured Peaks will find it much quicker.

Additionally, side quests in Diablo 4 usually reward players with some Gold and random Diablo 4 Items. You also have a chance to get Biteberry by opening Herb Caches.

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Where to Buy Biteberry

If you don't mind taking some Gold, you can head to Kyovashad to find the local Alchemist, where you can buy the herb for 200 Diablo 4 Gold.

If the price isn't your thing, you can also trade Gallowvine for Biteberry at the Alchemist. Currently, the premise is that your inventory of Gallowvine is still relatively rich.

How to Use Biteberry

Biteberry is a source of vital and defensive qualities and has always been revered by alchemists. It is often used with other herbs such as Gallowvine to make Potions, Elixirs and Incense. For example, the Weak Elixir of Cold Resistance needs 10 Gallowvine, 6 Biteberry, and 1000 Gold. This item increases Cold Resist. You can also buy Gold to upgrade these potions to further enhance the stats.

In conclusion, Biteberry is not difficult to find, but it has important defensive qualities, so it will be useful in many situations.

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