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Elder Scrolls Online is an expansive game that boasts tons of activities to partake in, offering an almost living, breathing world. You can engage in daily quests, farm for materials, trade them or simply delve into daily dungeons and defeat foes. There are many ways to acquire gold, like joining a trade guild and then engaging in trading activities, fishing, completing daily crafting quests, or simply farming materials scattered across the vast open world of Tamriel.


Completing quests not only provides experience points but also gold and valuable items. Focus on main story quests, zone story quests, and daily quests (such as Undaunted Pledges, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and Cyrodiil dailies), which typically offer the most substantial rewards. Repeatable quests, like those found in Craglorn and the Thieves Guild, are also great sources of gold.

Converting AP to Gold

This is the best way to make gold for PvPers – you can convert your hard-earned Alliance Points (AP) to items that sell well. There are a few ways to do that:

  1. Buy items from The Golden Vendor – Adhazabi Aba-daro, a special NPC, who appears every weekend or on special occasions at the base of your Alliance in Cyrodiil. At the Golden Vendor, you can buy jewelry with AP and sell it to other players for gold. Not all items can be sold afterward, though.
  2. Buy Cyrodiil sets from Specialized Gear vendors in Bruma, Vlastarus, and Cropsford, then sell the pieces later to players.
  3. Buy items from Battleground Supplies Merchants and sell them to players for gold.

Housing Items

You can also craft housing items that have the potential to make you a lot of money. Keep in mind that some resources cost too much to warrant creating the item. Heartwood, for example, is very expensive at around 1300 per on guild traders. Selling an item that cost 10 Heartwood for only 10K nets you 3K less than if you’d simply sold the Heartwood itself.

You’ll usually make the most money selling less common or aesthetically pleasing items. Filled bookcases are popular because of their aesthetic and because they take up fewer crafting slots than an empty bookcase and individual book furnishings. Items from new DLC areas also sell high when they’re initially released, so seek those recipes out if you want to turn a quick profit.

Steal, Steal, Stab

Thieving can make you millions in ESO, and is also loads of fun. Not only can you fence the treasure you steal, you can also pick up furnishings and recipes that can potentially sell for a pretty penny.

Collect Everything

The huge majority of MMORPGs out there have a lot of drops that are simply trash — junk that you don’t even bother picking up after awhile. It’s sort of like finding a penny on the sidewalk — you just ignore it.

Well, if you want to become wealthy in Tamriel, don’t ignore loot drops. For that matter, don’t ignore the plants you come across, ore deposits, wood stacks, Aspect runes, barrels, chests, etc. — search for and collect everything you find. Don’t ignore those pennies!

You can use virtually any item in the world:

Valuable items can be sold for cash.

Armor and weapons (not sold) can be used to replenish broken pieces, or deconstructed for valuable materials and crafting ingredients (not to mention the crafting experience you’ll earn).

Ore, wood, ingredients etc. can be sold or hoarded for your own crafting purposes.

So basically, it comes down to collecting absolutely everything you can, keeping what you need, and selling all the rest.

PvP For Gold

PvP can actually be a good source for gold. Simply trade your Alliance Points for items that you can sell for gold.

Merchants that you can buy items from for AP and sell for gold are:

Adhazabi Aba-daro the Golden

Elite Vendors in Vlastarus, Bruma and Cropsford

Battleground Vendors

Playing the Market

This method doesn't require you to farm anything. Instead, you are going to buy items and sell them higher. To play the market, you need to have an initial capital and a good understanding of the market. You also need to check Guild Trader in different towns to find items that are cheap and resell them for a better price. Getting assistance from market add-ons like TTC (Tamriel Trade Centre) can be helpful.

With any one of these strategies, you are well on your way to getting rich in Elder Scrolls Online. Don’t worry if some of them don’t work right away; sometimes, the best money-making strategy is patience. https://www.igmeet.com/Eso-Gold is a professional seller selling MMO currency. All orders are backed by professional suppliers and representatives, and that is why it is people's go-to place to buy Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold , items, and level boosting for ESO.

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